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8 unique adventures to experience in the US

A stroll along Hollywood Boulevard, catching a Broadway show, and putting $10 on red at a Las Vegas casino. These are the must-do American experiences we all know about.

But why don’t you move away from the crowd and try your hand at something a little different while you’re in the US? This country is supersized, not just in size, but adventure too.

Here are 8 alternative USA experience you’ll never forget.

1. Become a cowboy or girl in Montana

Sleep under the stars in a teepee, practice your lassoing skills, go horse riding and enjoy a T-bone steak around an open fire as you visit a real working cattle ranch, surrounded by beautiful canyons and wildlife.

So, grab your gold star Sheriff because this is authentic US like you’ve never seen!

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2. Swing on a flying trapeze in New York City

Embrace your inner acrobat and take a flying trapeze class at Trapeze School New York. Feel free as a bird and get your adrenalin pumping as you fly through the air, 7 meters above the New York City skyline, and learn the skills of the circus.

Sign up for just one session or, if you’re sticking around for a while, book a whole course of lessons. It’s definitely not your average way to spend a day in The Big Apple!

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3. Go underground in Seattle, Washington

Go all Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle with an underground tour of Seattle’s streets. Try not to feel too spooked as you explore the twists and turns of the city’s slightly spooky, and historically rich, underground passages.

When you’re done with the tour but still exploring Seattle, watch out for heads popping up through manholes like Whack-A-Mole. Just don’t hit them on the head with a hammer… Obviously.

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4. Make your mark at the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas

In the northern part of Texas sits The Cadillac Ranch, a colourful art installation west of Amarillo.

Don’t worry when you’re driving through the desert and suddenly stumble across 10 half-buried Cadillacs, it’s art. Wanna become the artist? Well, you can! Grab a can of spray paint and make your mark – right there in America’s wild west.

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5. Take a zero gravity flight in Cape Canaveral, Florida

Make like Neil Armstrong and sign yourself up for a zero-gravity flight at Cape Canaveral. There are other places in the world that offer this zero-gravity experience, but you won’t find anywhere else even slightly as iconic as the Kennedy Space Center, located less than an hour east of Orlando, Florida.

Experience weightlessness (no matter how many burgers and fries you’ve stuffed yourself with) as you float and flip. Once you’re done, take a journey through one of NASA’s primary launch centers for spaceflight and view the notorious planes and space shuttles of history.

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6. Take a jetpack flight at the beach

The most fun you can have in water. Fact. This is the kind of thing every kid, and big kid’s, dreams are made of. Strap on a jet pack and prepare to become a jet pack pilot (the title alone has got us sold!).

Fly through the air as the water-propelled jet pack pushes you up to 9 meters in the air. You’ll be given proper training and safety equipment and then you’ll be set free to have, what will probably be, the most fun you’ll ever have. There are various different centres across the US where you can take up the experience including Honolulu, Hawaii, Miami, Florida and San Diego, California.

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7. Visit Tombstone, Arizona

Home to the most famous shootout in the history of the Wild West, make sure you visit the O.K. Corral on Allen Street – the main street in town full of old saloons to get sip-happy in – which shows daily reenactments of the legendary gun fight.

Step back in time with a visit to the Bird Cage Theatre, built in 1881. Learn more about the shows and entertainers and admire the 140 bullet holes in the walls and ceiling…

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8. Go in search of UFO’s in Roswell, New Mexico

Do you believe in aliens? Lucky for you, America is the best place to hunt for Extra Terrestrials. Take a trip to Roswell, home to one of the most infamous UFO’s conspiracies.

You could also take a trip along the Extra-Terrestrial Highway, near the super-secret Area 51 in Nevada, where many people have reported alien activity and UFO observations. While you may expect the road to be crowded with ET enthusiasts, it’s actually quite quiet, creating the perfect eerie atmosphere for the ultimate UFO spotting experience.

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