A guide to Gold Coast surf culture

Discover the best breaks and learn to surf in paradise. Literally. We’re not joking. Surfer’s Paradise is a suburb within the Gold Coast. The Gold Coast has some of the most impressive waves and hosts many international surfing competitions. Here’s 10 facts to get you feeling pretty stoked about the Gold Coast.

Top 10 Surfy facts about the Gold Coast

1. The name Gold Coast actually comes from the property boom, but it’s sunset surfs give the name “Gold” coast a whole different meaning!

2. The Gold Coast is an excellent place to learn to surf if you’re a beginner, there are many surf schools and accredited teachers to help you catch your first wave.

3. You’re almost guaranteed a wave on the Gold Coast, particularly at The Spit, Main Beach, Narrowneck, Palm Beach and Mermaid Beach.

4. Boogie boarding is best in the morning before the wind hits, and Narrowneck is great for kite surfing.

5. Head to Gold Coast Seaway and South Stradbroke Island to discover some of the cleanest, most consistent breaks in Queensland.

6. Spot the impressive Q1 tower from the waves, at 1,058ft it’s Australia’s tallest building, soaring above the highrises of Surfers Paradise.

7. Home to the world-famous Snapper Rocks. Each year the Quiksilver Pro is held at Snapper Rocks, a leg of the World Championship Tour of surfing. The surf competition is high.

Russell is a local character frequently seen with didgeridoo at dawn on Snapper Rocks. According to local surfers, he’s often there blessing the ocean.

9. Greenmount is a peaceful area with a less competitive surfing crowd, so check it out if it’s your first time.

10. Don’t miss the gem of a museum ‘Surf World Gold Coast’.

Surf Etiquette

So you’ve found the perfect waves. Here’s a few pointers on Surf etiquette to help you become a pro in no time!

1. Politeness

A simple smile and hello is the minimum required when you encounter another surfer.

2. Get back up on the board

You’re going to be knocked off your board a couple (lots) of times but it’s all part of the fun! It maybe a little hard work but be brave, give it a go! You’ll have loads of other surfers to help you along the way.

3. Always Wear Suncream

Suncream is a surfing essential. Always wear good waterproof suncream. You will be out on the open water all day, sunburn is not a good surf look. Its pays to wear a long sleeve rash vest for body protection.

4. Surf Buddy

Always surf with at least one person. Not only will you share an epic wave with a friend or family member but you’ll always have someone to help you in case you need it!

Feeling like a pro? Well don your wet suit, pick up your board, get out there and catch the perfect wave! You could be the next Mick Fanning. You better get yourself over there.