How to get the most out of your annual leave in 2019

Looking at your annual leave calendar and thinking that the minimum of 20 days just won’t cut it? So many destinations, such little annual leave! Fear not; us worker bees at STA Travel are just as keen as you are to squeeze out every last drop of holiday time we can get… and then some. It’s what we do for a living, after all. We’ve figured out the ultimate life hack, so that you too can bag yourself a 16-day holiday for just 7 days annual leave! All you have to do is plan carefully and lock those dates in now – we’ve worked it all out for you! You’re welcome.


Easter Bank Holidays

April is that heavenly time of year where Good Friday, Easter Monday and ANZAC day all fall within the same two-week period, so all you need to do is book Monday 15th – Thursday 18th, Tuesday 23rd, Wednesday 24th and Friday 26th off and you’ve got over two-weeks off, whilst only losing out on 7 days of annual leave.


The June Public Holiday

Patriotic or not, we can’t thank Queenie enough for her birthday in June, meaning Monday 10th is a public holiday – this combined with the weekends, mean you can get a solid 9-day holiday for just 4 days off, or a chunky 2-week trip somewhere, for 9 days annual leave. The perfect winter break is waiting for you.


So, now that you’ve got extra time off that you hadn’t even expected – here are some ideas on what to do with it. Because there are so many epic places in this world where you need two weeks or more to see the best of them…


Get kawaii in Japan

From flourishes of pink cherry blossoms in tranquil parks to slurping down rainbow spaghetti in the eclectic Kawaii Monster Café, every corner of Tokyo holds something exciting – you can find traditional alleyways to feast on sake and sushi with the locals, karaoke bars and even Mario Kart street-karting! Yep, it’s as awesome as it sounds to dress up in cosplay and drive around the streets of Tokyo in your own mini-mobile.

Or if you want to head out of the city, nab yourself a bullet train pass and explore the temples of Kyoto, take a trip to Mt. Fuji or laze on the beaches of Okinawa.

We’ve got regular return flights to Tokyo for under $500, and a Japan travel guide to get you started.


Take a Sri Lankan Adventure

The top trending destination of 2018 sent everyone so wild, it’s secured its place high up on trending destination lists of 2019 too. And for good reason. With fragrant coconut curries, dreamy temples, tropical beaches, wild elephants and the most beautiful train journey in the world through mountainous tea plantations dotted with colourful villages and dreamy waterfalls, you’ve got a pretty awesome two or three weeks on your hands! The best bit? Sri Lanka is a relatively small and compact island, with each amazing stop on the journey only a few hours (or less) from the last.

Join on to one of our Sri Lanka adventure tours to travel with other like-minded wanderers, or let one of our INDI Travel Experts conjure up a tailor-made experience for you.


Spice up your life in Morocco

Get lost in the souks of Marrakech, don your haggling hat, and bag yourself some bargain handicrafts and souvenirs within the colourful chaos. Here, spicy fragrances fill the air, and there’s delicious tagine, dancing and mint tea galore!

But if you get out of the city and into the Atlas Mountains or Sahara Desert, you’re in for a more adrenaline-fueled adventure – take a 4×4 excursion or quad bike through the dunes, spend the night in a luxury camp, or take a sunset camel ride.

Sound dreamy? Inspire yourself with our Morocco travel guide.


Sail the Galápagos Islands in Ecuador 



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Iguanas, giant tortoise and blue-footed boobies – witness a wildlife playground on biologically diverse archipelago on the planet. Channel your inner Attenborough and get up close with the most interesting and unique creatures – some, you’ll never have heard of before. Whether you choose to snorkel with sea lions or hike the Sierra Negra volcano, the islands are yours to explore.

With options to sail, camp or volunteer out in this bucket list destination, experiencing the Galápagos is easier than you think – you can check our tours right here.


Challenge yourself in Peru



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Send your senses into overdrive.  Ancient Incan ruins nestled in mountains – check! Desert oasis – check! Amazonian jungle? Check! Beautiful beaches and surf-spots – check!

There’s so much more to Peru than the famous Machu Picchu, so get your hiking boots on and get up to Laguna 69 for glacial views, head to Huacachina for a spot of sand-boarding through the desert and Puno for iconic shots of Lake Titicaca.

Not sure where to start? Check out our Peru travel guide.


We’ve got plenty of options… but before you do any planning… get on your work holiday calendar and go bag those holiday days!