The most epic Christmas light displays around the world

With 20 days left until Christmas, we are well on our way to embracing that infectious festive spirit. Whether it’s cosying up by the fire with a mulled wine European style or al fresco barbecues by the beach, the one thing that every Christmas should have is an obscene amount of twinkling lights! Here’s our pick of the cities who are representing the fairy light-love this December.

1. Ljubljana, Slovenia

christmas lights slovenia

Image: Visit Ljubljana

2. Barcelona, Spain

christmas lights spain

Image: Barcelona phototours

3. Frankfurt, Germany

christmas lights germany

Image: Palm Beach Post

4. Bogota, Columbia

christmas lights columbia

Image: The Telegraph

5. Monte Carlo, Monaco

christmas lights monaco

Image: The Telegraph

6. Manila, Philippines

christmas lights philippines

Image: CN Traveler

7. Kobe, Japan

christmas lights japan

Image: CN Traveler

8. Bath, England

christmas lights england

Image: Palm Beach Post

What are your favourite Christmas lights? Let us know below. And whilst you are at it, be sure to check out our Christmas fares, you don’t have to stay at home this year!