The Best Spectator Sports at UniGames

Written by Amy Roberts

UniGames isn’t just about playing sport, it’s about supporting your friends and your university. We
had a chat to some students as we wandered around the venues to find out what games they were
checking out, and I’ve discovered a couple new sports of which I might just become an avid
spectator myself.

Talking to students around the grounds, it was pretty clear that they were all keen to support their
friends. Daniel from Monash University said he’s been watching a couple of his fellow students in
the fencing competition this week – “I normally wouldn’t get to watch it and it looks pretty
awesome,” he said, while Laura from QUT says she’s been loving the badminton – “the intensity
and precision you need to be really good at it is so impressive.” Anneliese from Adelaide Uni says
she loves the community spirit and university camaraderie of handball, saying it’s a “minority sport
that is exciting to watch”, and James from UWA, who had a lot of friends in the swimming events,
“loves getting together with mates to support the rest of the team”.

I had a great chance to get around to most sports during my time at UniGames, and there were a
few that really got my attention! Adding to the students’ favourites, here are a couple of mine.

The atmosphere at the cheerleading competition was PUMPING and it was so great to see a full
arena of spectators, with everyone cheering on the teams, no matter which university they were
competing for. The music was loud, the girls were enthusiastic, and there wasn’t a set of spirit
fingers to be seen. Cheerleaders are strong and athletic, and they have to be focused 100{67e156e4ee2ef9246962f65a4f1efdaee88fb3c7951f538c2a80b1896ec79ca1} of the
time, or the girl they’re holding up in the air is going to go tumbling to the ground. There’s so much
camaraderie between the teams – a real sense of friendship and support, which is just so nice to
see in a week that is often about fierce competition and rivalry.

Even though the pole vault competition was really heating up (another sport I am intrigued by yet
too afraid to ever try), the athletics commentator was the one who really held my attention. He
began each running event by telling us all that he hadn’t received a proper list of competitors, and
that we should bear with him while he read all the names out in the order he thought everyone was
lining up. He spent an entire 100m race telling us that one girl was winning when actually she
wasn’t even running, and after mentioning that the decathlon was about to begin, he proceeded to
monologue about his own decathlon days, many moons ago. Towards the end of the pole vault, he
told us ‘not to pay attention to anything he was saying’. TOO LATE, PAL! You’re my new life’s

Ultimate Frisbee
FRISBEE, MAN. It’s SICK. I’ve never watched it properly before but oh boy, what an action
packed, fun filled sport. There were a ton of matches on when we stopped by the venue, and it just
seems exactly like the game I’d like to play. For one thing – they don’t have an umpire, and the
teams just have to talk it out whenever there’s a dispute to reach an outcome that suits both.
Everyone can really throw a frisbee properly (something I’m constantly amazed by), and it actually
goes where they want it to go – because of this, the game is very much a slave to the wind but if
you can use it to your advantage, oh BOY, you’ll do well. Anytime a team gets a goal, the rest of
the team rushes the field and they all congratulate each other and talk strategy. Everyone’s nice!
Everyone’s really good! Everyone wants each other to do well!! All things I’m a huge fan of, and
that I’d like to see in every sport from now on, please.

UniGames has given me a great opportunity to watch some sports I wouldn’t normally have a
chance to see, and I’m excited to try my hand at a few of them when I get home! I’m genuinely
hoping I can find a decent Frisbee team so I can hop on board, but I think I’ll just stick to the
sidelines when it comes to cheerleading.