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Canada Cheat Sheet

The second largest country on Earth really does offer the ultimate adventure. Canada boasts a ridiculous amount of picturesque forests, beautiful lakes and outstanding mountains. PLUS, don’t forget the action-packed, awesome cities offering world-class cultural experiences as well. Even though winters can get cold, you’d be mad to ‘moose’ out on a trip to Canada. It comes highly recommended due to the amount of awesome adventure and insane scenery on offer.

Packing Tips

Canada is a huge country and has a varied climate. The inland parts of Canada (Calgary, Toronto etc.) have very cold winters and warm summers, whilst the coastal areas (Vancouver for example) have less extremes. Remember to pack accordingly!


· A hat, sunglasses and sun screen – When you’re hiking or chilling by a lake, it can get pretty warm!
· A swim suit – You’re 100{67e156e4ee2ef9246962f65a4f1efdaee88fb3c7951f538c2a80b1896ec79ca1} going to want to cool off with a dip in those beautiful lakes
· A decent water bottle – For your forest/mountain hikes
· Hiking shoes – Same as above!

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· Layers – It can get pretty chilly in the winter, so it is definitely wise to come prepared! A snug fitting base layer is recommended to go under your thermal shirt. Then a fleece, with an insulated jacket should keep you toasty and happy
· Socks – Nice, thick wool socks should do the trick
· Boots – water-resistant snow or hiking boots. Keep those little piggies warm and dry
· Gloves and woolly hat

Budgeting Tips


Wassupp! Budweiser is the most popular beer in Canada. Expect to pay between $4 and $7 for a beer in a bar.
* Also, don’t forget it is customary to tip bar staff, with around $1 per drink the norm. As expected, beers will be slightly more expensive in the big cities like Toronto and Vancouver.


Snacks and meals from markets and supermarkets are between $8-$12, whilst dinner in a good restaurant will usually start from around $20 plus drinks.
* ‘Poutine’ is pretty much a national treasure! The mouth-watering combo of thick-cut fries, curd cheese and gravy shouldn’t be missed!

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Getting around

Travel on buses and subways will cost around $3. To travel independently, you can book a campervan with us from just £17pp per day. ROAD TRIP!
The cost of a taxi in Canada depends on the city. Toronto and Vancouver are generally more expensive, but most cabs will be on the meter.
Also, there are currently 14 active Uber cities in Canada, but it is spreading rapidly all over Canada.


Hostels – A night in a dorm will cost between $25 and $40.
Campsites – Embrace the beautiful Canadian nature and save a little, with prices between $20 and $35.
Hotels – If you want to get a little fancier a room in a midrange hotel would be somewhere between $80 and $100 – but expect to pay more in the major cities and during peak season.

So now you have the low-down, what’s stopping you? If you think the pictures are amazing, wait until you are experiencing it in reality! Start your Canadian adventure here