Which Eurail pass is best for you?

Flexibility, freedom, and frickin’ good scenery – that’s what we all look for from our travels, right? That’s exactly what a Eurail pass offers insatiable world explorers.

Plus, travelling by train is by far one of the best ways to see Europe – whizzing across borders and through rural landscapes and towns you’ve never heard of, with the flexibility to hop on and off wherever you please, and the freedom to zoom across as many countries as you fancy. Basically, you’re living the dream.

But which pass is right for you?

For the indecisive and spontaneous travellers:

Europe has so many amazing hotspots, you can be forgiven for not having a clue which places you’d rather see. Why not see them all, or close to all of them by grabbing yourself the Eurail Global Pass? This baby hits 28 European countries – so you can decide where you want to go while you’re on the road (or the rails, if you will). You don’t have to see them all, but you can. All of the top spots are covered and it’s incredible value for money, starting at $494 for a youth standard class ticket with 5 days of travel within 1 month, all the way up to $1714 for a whopping 3 months of unlimited travel. Your trip, your rules.

For the planners:

As fussy with your Europe to-do list as you are with your almond milk, double shot latte with a dash of hazelnut? Then do we have the rail pass for you! A Eurail Select pass allows you to choose either a one, two, three or four-country pass (countries must be bordering) for 4-10 days travel within a two-month period*

*FYI 4-10 days travel doesn’t dictate how long you can be travelling for. These only include the amount of days in which you can use the rail pass.

For the ones who are a little extra:

Eurail isn’t just a pretty face. As well as unlocking some amazing European adventures, their passes also get you discount on other fun stuff like boat trips and ferries, the Eurostar, SIM cards, hotels and local attractions.

For a full list of benefits, click here.

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So, where to go?

The foodie route:

Do you choose countries based on their cuisine over their landmarks? We got you. Follow the Europe foodie trail and get your stretchy pants at the ready. Stuff your face with indulgent pastries and crusty bread in Paris (washed down with a glass of wine), then Belgian waffles, truffles and craft beer in medieval Bruges, stretchy cheese fondue in Vienna, fresh pasta and pizza in Rome and then end it all with a bowl of seafood paella and a jug of Sangria in vibrant Barcelona.

Suggested route: Paris > Bruges > Amsterdam > Berlin > Vienna > Rome > Barcelona > Lisbon

15 continuous days of travel: Youth standard (12-27) $629 | Adult standard $771

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The island-hopping adventure:

If you’re more of a sun baby who needs a bit of Vitamin Sea to survive, then you’ll want to travel around the dreamy sun-filled coastlines of the Mediterranean. Grab yourself a three-country pass and float through the magical canals of Venice, sip on cocktails and explore the white-washed islands of Greece, and snorkel and swim in the secret bays of Turkey.

Suggested route: Italy > Greece > Turkey

10 days travel within 2 months: Youth standard (12-27) $524 | Adult standard $642

(+boats in between islands)

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The dance til dawn itinerary:

If you’re the life and soul of the party, then we suggest getting yourself a global pass and discovering Europe after-hours. From the underground music scene of London to the hedonistic nightlife of Amsterdam, the edgy warehouses of Berlin to the cellar bars of Prague, the quirky ruin bars of Budapest to the world-renowned DJ’s in Split, and the crazy party island of Mykonos… Europe knows exactly how to party.

Suggested route: London > Amsterdam > Berlin > Prague > Budapest > Split > Mykonos

22 continuous days of travel: Youth standard (12-27) $807 | Adult standard $990

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The Scandi sojourn:

Navigate around Nordic countries that have the wow-factor – with breathtaking fjords, towering forests, friendly locals and buzzing cities. Splash your krone in Oslo’s jazz clubs, soak up the Stockholm atmosphere in the old town, and marvel at the colourful buildings in Copenhagen.

Suggested route: Oslo > Stockholm > Copenhagen

8 days travel within 1 month: Youth standard (12-27) $418 | Adult standard $512

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So, go forth young traveller with your newly gathered inspiration and trusty Eurail pass in hand, and discover the best bits Europe has to offer…

Download our Eurail PDF here, or head to our website for further booking info!