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Today’s blog comes from Tom Barber over at Bamba Experience, he’s a pro on all things Asia and he’s here to tell us a little bit about Nepal…

Sandwiched between the sweltering expanses of the Indian subcontinent and the high altitude realms of the Tibetan plateau lies the kingdom of Nepal. A place of stunning beauty, vast untamed wilderness and soaring Himalayan peaks. Its crowning glory, known to the Sherpa people as ‘Chomolungma’ or ‘mother of the world’ towers above them all…to us we know it as Everest.


Take a trip through the brick façade buildings and maze like warrens of Kathmandu, every turn will bring new colours, new smells and new smiles. Marvel at the monkey clad temples and intricately carved pagodas at Durbar Square.Take a cycle rickshaw to the Boudhanath Stupa at night and see it illuminated with the glow of thousands of candles as you spin the prayer wheels. Hop over to Pokhara and take in the views from the World Peace Pagoda, take a boat across Phewa Lake and sit in a café with a cup of chai and ponder.

Snow at Annapurna

Nepal is a hiking mecca and offers infinite opportunities to explore the stunning terrain. The popular Everest and Annapurna regions boast some of the most breathtaking areas of natural beauty on the planet. Spend the day trekking, sharing your route with buffalo and yaks, gazing out upon a sea of endless snow white peaks. Tattered prayer flags cling to crumbling shrines, curious children giggle and wave and light-footed locals move effortlessly across the steep terrain. At the end of a hard day on the trail you can reward yourself with lashings of hot ‘Dal Bhat’ and steaming cups of yak butter tea.
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Nepal also offers fantastic wildlife viewing opportunities. Peek through the dense jungle and be rewarded with Sloth-Bears, Mugger-Crocodiles, Gharials and Asiatic-Rhinos. Southern Nepal is also home to the Bengal Tiger and fortuitous explorers just might catch a glimpse.
Monk Nepal
Perhaps Nepal’s biggest asset is its people. As resilient and strong as the mountains they share the landscape with but also overwhelmingly kind, generous and passionate.
In the wake of recent disaster, Nepal is well and truly on the mend and with the crowds yet to make a return, there has never been a better time to experience the roof of the world than now…

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