North America

Highlight of the Pacific Northwest

This summer, STA Travel’s resident Frenchman, Marketing Exec and designated driver, Hugo Peurois, drove two super talented filmmakers, Lars Timmerman and Felix Zehender, around America’s Pacific Northwest to shoot a film for our “Go Beyond” Visit The USA campaign. We grabbed Hugo for his top five highlights.

1. Cliff jumping in Crater Lake (Oregon)

Why: “A stunning caldera lake in Oregon’s Cascade Mountains, formed from a volcanic eruption almost 8,000 years ago, Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the USA, and one of the purest. Fed by melting snow, the water quality is one of the best in the world, and gives it an incredible deep blue colour that I’ve never seen before. The water temperature was a bit chilly… but the adrenaline rush from jumping off the cliffs definitely warmed me up!”

2. The sea plane from Seattle to San Juan Island (Washington)

Why: “It was just a really special experience, with incredible views over Seattle on take off and landing. We took an early morning flight which gave us plenty of opportunities for beautiful sunrise shots of the water and the islands around Seattle.”

3. The batting cages in Bend (Oregon)

Why: “I think this was probably one of the most ‘American’ activities we could have done. We were three Europeans playing baseball for the first time – it must have been very entertaining for the locals to watch!”

4. Toulouse Vineyard (California)

Why: “Based in California’s Anderson Valley, the winemaker shared his wine tasting expertise with us before taking us around the vines and up the hill in his buggy. The view over the valley and Navarro River from the top of the hill was stunning. We were amazed at how high the redwood sequoias are (among the tallest trees in the world). The wine was pretty perfect too!”

5. Horseback riding around Smith Rock (Oregon)

Why: “Smith Rock is an American state park in Oregon’s High Desert. With its huge rock spires, sheer cliff faces and 30 million-year-old geology, it’s famous amongst rock climbers around the world. We swapped climbing ropes for reins and went for a more Old Western approach! The ride took us down into the canyon and we got to feel like proper cowboys.”

Ready to road trip? Cliff jumping, batting cages and Old Westerns? The Pacific Northwest – sign us up! Watch the film on our Youtube channel.