How it feels to travel alone

Written by Tamsin, @amongmountainsandlakes

Tamsin was born in the UK and has travelled solo through Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam as well as parts of Australia.  She now lives in New Zealand where at the weekends she can be found hiking in the mountains of the South Island and photographing her adventures. 

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When planning a trip or vacation, most people will immediately think of going with their partner, best friend or close sibling, or perhaps going with a tour group.  Some may briefly consider travelling on their own, but few actually will.

If travelling solo sounds daunting, scary or impossible, or maybe you just think that it is something ‘other people’ do, then think again. Travelling solo is one of the best things you can do and here are some of my top reasons why you should consider embarking upon that next adventure on your own.

Travelling on your own is exciting


Planning an itinerary that includes 100{67e156e4ee2ef9246962f65a4f1efdaee88fb3c7951f538c2a80b1896ec79ca1} of what you want to do is the best feeling! Knowing that you don’t have to compromise on anything, and that you don’t have to feel guilty for pushing someone else to do what you want, is utterly fantastic.  You can be entirely indulgent and it doesn’t matter one iota.  Putting together a ‘must do’ list before a solo trip is a great way to get excited for what’s ahead.

I also always get really excited not just for the places I’ll see, but also for the people I’ll meet when I get there.  I look forward to hearing the stories they have to tell and how that will inspire and motivate me on my own journey.

You will love the freedom


The freedom to go where you want, when you want, with who you want to (or not!).  The ability to choose to get up early to catch sunrise, or instead have a well-earned sleep-in.  You could spend the day walking the city streets in search of culture, or lay on a beach with a book.  Tropical thunderstorm for two days? Catch a bus out of town and go someplace else.  A fellow traveller recommends a great spot to visit? Stay an extra night and go explore the following day.  The decisions are all yours and you are accountable only to yourself.

Social interactions

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By its very nature, being on your own forces you to initiate social situations.  I find that when I travel solo I spend far more time chatting to the locals of the place I am visiting and I speak to a more diverse range of people than when I am travelling with a partner or friend or on a tour.  It also means I am eager to join in with others or bring others together for shared experiences, and that these experiences for me take on a deeper significance and become more fulfilling.

Travelling solo gives you confidence


Travelling solo not only gives you social confidence in approaching and making connections with people, but it makes you very independent, very quickly.  It is highly likely that there will come a time when something pops up that you didn’t expect, such as your bus breaking down or that you misplace your passport.  You just have to get on with it and make it work.  Problem solving at its best!

Last but not least, it’s liberating

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The feeling of entire independence, of being self-sufficient is an incredibly liberating feeling.  In fact, it’s empowering.  Being alone is an opportunity to learn more about yourself and in turn you learn not to be defined by any other person.

Once you have travelled solo, you will wonder why you hadn’t done it sooner. Looking for some solo travel inspo? Head to our hub!


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