How to avoid jet lag

Hands down the worst part of travelling is jet lag… Because when it hits you, it hits you like a ton of bricks. Everyone has their own remedies on how to combat this evil demon, some work, some definitely do not, and some even make it a thousand times worse. So we’ve combined a list of things to do to avoid it. Just in time for all you lucky ducks that are travelling to Europe, America and South America… while some of us just casually freezing back home.

Avoid caffeine prior to your flight

Cut out that daily coffee, coke, red-bull whatever your daily caffeine fix is the day before you fly. Despite it helping you stay awake, it really will hurt you in the end by causing problems with your sleep cycle.

Prepare to time travel

First thing you should do while you are waiting for the plane to disembark, is wind your watch back (or forward if you are coming home) to the time of your destination. This is crucial in order to help you sync your body to this time. And if you’ve got a phone, make sure you are following the correct world clock time.

Try to get some shut eye

This may be the hardest thing to do on a plane but it’s also crucial to decide when to shut those eyes and try to block out that screaming baby. If it’s day time when you depart for your flight, try to stay awake until early evening. E.g. you are departing Sydney at 11.05pm to London. That’s 2pm London time, so you’ve pretty much got to watch 2 movies until it’s an okay time to go to sleep (basing that on each movie goes for 2/2.5hours.) By then they will have served dinner and supper, so you shouldn’t be getting anymore interruptions from the air hostess. Perfect time to sing baby when the lights go out, I’m sleeping…’

Get your muscles moving

I’m not saying get up and start doing a 5min Kayla Itsines workout in the aisle. I’m saying at the end of your movie, get up and walk up and down the aisle, stretch those legs and get your muscles moving. No one likes being cramped up for 18hours.

Consume H20 and avoid the booze

Drink some high quality H20, like Water Boy would want you to. People tend to neglect the H20 while in the air, because they do not want to break the seal – understandable. However this is more than likely making your jetlag worse. You should also avoid having your night cap, despite what you may say about it helping you get to sleep and relaxing your nerves, it’s actually not going to help you when you get off the plane at the other of your journey. Save those bubbles for when you finally arrive at your destination!

Sunlight is your friend

goin on adventure

No time for being a vampire when you arrive at your destination, you need to spend as much time as possible outside. Sunlight helps your internal clock reset and puts you into the swing of your new time zone faster. Don’t cave in, no matter how tired you are… fight it!

If you follow these steps, you should have no problem getting your body clock to adjust and you are set for the adventure of a life time.

Have we missed a jet-lag remedy that you use and hands down never fails? Let us know in the comments.