Why India will be your best experience yet…

Close your eyes, and imagine India, what do you see? An abundance of colour, vibrant smells, noises of everyday life streaming through cloudy skies? You must have a great imagination then… Or maybe you‘ve just watched hours of National Geographic documentaries? Either way, if you’re thinking of treating your senses to the real deal and walking India’s many magical pathways, we advise you read on, as we take your imagination through a sensational explanation as to why India will be your best experience yet….

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Smiley happy people!

Meet the eyes of the people that wear the brightest smiles, even through the toughest of days. No matter where or when the people of India are always happy to see a wandering and curious traveller. You will feel like an iconic figure in front of hundreds of admiring eyes, enjoy and respond with a generous smile and allow the liberating feeling of being out of your comfort zone to sink in.

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The smell, the taste, the sounds…!

Allow your senses to be ravished in the rich and luxurious elements that India has to offer! Let your taste buds encounter special spices in tongue-tingling cuisines. Marvel at eccentric buildings and vibrant, intricately embroidered garments. Experience the humming of overcrowded streets and the orchestra of thousands of motorcycle horns that you’ll struggle to forget.

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Experience, embrace and enjoy!

The ideology of finding yourself comes free with your flight ticket to India and you will soon be participating in an enlightening and mindful experience. However, don’t let the cliché, backpacker footpath put you off, the magnificent monuments and mind-blowing escapades you are likely to encounter, provide an educating cultural heartbeat, to say the least.

Make sure you visit the majestic Taj Mahal, then light a candle embedded onto white petals, whilst you wonder a wish underneath the beat of gongs on the River Ganges. You can dance in the dust of the desert and witness the famous camel fair in Rajasthan, or perhaps you could scale the summits of small peaks belonging to the Himalayas in the Tibetan regions of the north of Dharamsala. Then ensure you enjoy a chaotic ride through the winding and the busy population of Mumbai city in the back of a Rickshaw!

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For the love of Cows.

There is something entertaining, peaceful and strange about a sacred cow, found plodding through the streams of traffic in any big Indian city. Unbelievably, there are more cows than cars in India, and their holy presence allows for them to roam healthy and free anywhere they please.

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Everybody loves Chai!

If you haven’t already given ‘Masala Chai’ a go, your taste buds have been seriously missing out! Prepare for a royal treat, as this sweet soothing comfort of Chai tea is served in almost every restaurant, public transport or market bizarre for mere pennies.

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Keep calm and head south…

There is a fascinating diversity between northern and southern of India. The population depletes and everything feels as if in slow motion. Reggae, dance music and psytrance is heard blasting from beach bungalows as hippy’s dance on palm-fringed beach fronts. From the Goan coast line stretching all the way into the heart of Kochi city to the relaxing lush backwaters that meander through the state of Kerala. The peaceful chill vibe goes on…

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Irresistible India will undoubtedly become your new-found kindred spirit after you explore its many diverse and compelling corners, so what are you waiting for uncover India now…