Jumping around the world

We are only one week into our jump around the world competition and we have received hundreds of entries. If you missed the launch of the competition, where have you been? To win two Multi-Stop flights you just need to send us your jumping pictures. That’s all, we promise. The wackier, crazier, weirder, more exotic the BETTER!

To get you in the jumping mood here are some of our favourites so far…

You have been showing off your best poses



rtw pose1

rtw pose2

rtw pose3

rtw pose4

rtw pose5

And how high you can jump is impressive

rtw height1

rtw height2

rtw height3

rtw height4

rtw height5

rtw height6

There have been some iconic…


rtw iconic1

rtw iconic2

rtw iconic3

rtw iconic4

rtw iconic5

rtw iconic6

rtw iconic7

rtw iconic8

… and some stunning backdrops

RTW 24

RTW 26

rtw stunning1

rtw stunning2

rtw stunning3

rtw stunning4

Some more daring

rtw daring1

rtw daring2

rtw daring3

rtw daring4

Some just crazy

RTW 11

rtw crazy1

rtw crazy2

rtw crazy3

rtw crazy4

But all of them have made us smile

What will make you stand out to win the Multi-Stop Flights? Send us your jumping picture here , Good Luck!