Meet our feature blogger at UniGames

Earlier this month we ran a competition to find our on the ground reporter for the Australian UniGames happening 25-30th September in Perth. Amy Roberts is our lucky winner and before she heads off we had a chat to get to know her more.

Hi! My name is Amy and I’m heading to the Australian UniGames to blog for STA Travel!


When I’m not travelling the world searching for fun stuff to write about on my blog, I’m watching movies starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and eating garlic bread. I’ve just graduated from a degree in Media from the University of Adelaide and am hoping to use it to get into the film industry at some point (so I can meet Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson).

My parents were both PE teachers while I was growing up so I’ve played and watched every sport under the sun (including gymnastics, for which I was far too tall, and Water Polo, for which I was far too spindly). Netball is the one sport I’ve stuck with – having started playing at 8 years old – and I’m missing out on my social team’s grand final next week for this, so I’d better have the time of my life.unigames_amy_laura

I’ve never been to UniGames (something I’m really regretting now because it looks like loads of fun) but I just discovered they have TENPIN BOWLING, which is now the only thing on my whole itinerary. I’m pret-ty keen to check out the cheerleading too – I’m hoping it’s going to be exactly like Bring it On but some-thing’s telling me it probably won’t. I’ll also do my best to sit through a game of soccer for all you ‘football’ fans out there (Godspeed to me).

My friend Laura is coming with me to the Games – we’ve known each other for ages and she’s a barrel of laughs, but very sensible, which is in direct contrast to my flighty, devil-may-care attitude. She’s also slightly taller than me, so when she takes my photo you can’t see my double chin, which is nice. Stay tuned to read about all the Ben and Jerry’s we’re going to eat (and all the sports we’re going to watch)!!!!


I’ll be back here throughout the Games to blog about every competition I can physically make it to, the fun parties I’ll be attending and all the athletes far more talented than I. Follow STA Travel to see what I get up to during the week, and for regular updates on my quest to find the best hot chips in Perth. Seeya soon!