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A poetic diary of a Texan Tour

Sick of writing your travel journal? Want to tell your story in a different way? That’s where a poetic diary comes in! Who knew travel and poetry could go hand in hand…

…Trev did! Having had a brilliant experience booking with STA Travel, Trev Wainwright wanted to show us his gratitude by sharing one of his travel poems with us. He’s had the ingenious idea of documenting his Texan trip through the art of poetry.

Check it out, it’s pretty catchy!


Saturday 13th August 2016

The urge to book my flight I feel
Search the internet for the best deal
Quotes printed of to the letter
But I’m sure I can go one better
Hop on the bus and I’m away
To Leeds to a company called STA
Soon they’re knowing where and when I’m going
And noted what I’ve been quoted
So the search begun, to find a deal a better one
And soon it was done
Different airline, different flight
And the price was right
Without doubt another bargain to boast about
So I paid and came away
Thinking my 2017 tour’s underway
All thanks to the company STA
And on it I’ll regale yet another tale
To students when I say
It can be much cheaper doing it your own way

Tuesday 25th October 2016

From STA an e mail came my way
Things had changed for departure day; I was to go via Chicago
But something was not quite right; the airline had cancelled the flight
They hoped a later one would do but that made me feel really blue
A later flight for my first night
The time difference far too big would make me late for my first poetry gig
So, on the phone straight away to STA,
Saying the flight was too late I was told don’t worry but wait
One call that was all, my plight would soon be put right
For soon they rang back saying things were back on track
Not via Chicago but now Heathrow
The price still the same in the travelling game
And the flight really fits the bill I’m going to get there quicker still
So it seems for deals when flying West
STA once more beats the rest.

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