By Sasha Khan

How to get the most out of your annual leave in 2019

Newsflash! In 2019, you could go on a 16-day holiday for just 7 days annual leave! Here’s our hacks on how to make the most out of your Out of Office time this year.

By Rachael Porter

2019 trending destinations

We asked, you voted: where was top of your 2019 travel wanderlist?

By Laura Caveney

15 unique places to stay before you die

A standard dorm in a standard hostel? Please. You’re anything but ordinary so why settle for ordinary? Well traveller you don’t have to, read on for…

By Guest Blogger

5 top tips for that perfect travel Insta shot

We caught up with travel influencer Aubrey from @theloveassembly to learn her 5 top tips to take that WOW-factor instagram shot.

By STA Travel

Have a Namastay – Yoga retreats for backpackers

Let’s take a step back, relax and give ourselves some well-deserved TLC. And here’s where to do it…

By Kim Durbridge

Five off the beaten track destinations for your next adventure

Why follow the road less travelled? Well, the fact that not many other people will be getting in the way of all your beautiful photos is a good place to start. So where to, Mongolia, Colombia’s deep jungle, or Uzbekistan?!

By Claire Louise Sheridan

#EattheRainbow: Colourful food around the world

Colourful food has been all the rage as of late, and that trend shows no sign of slowing down in 2018. But before IG opened…

By Jemma

Mapped out: 2018’s top trending travel destinations

New Year, new plans, new holiday allowance. We’ve pulled together our list of the top destinations to visit this year, whether they be an up…

By STA Travel

#TravelTheRainbow: Colourful destinations from across the globe

The world is a colourful place, and if you’re not out there exploring it, then sometimes it’s easy to forget! So if you’re cooped up…

By Georgie Birch

12 quirky festive events from across the globe

To some of us, December is all about Mariah Carey Christmas tunes and digesting an obscene amount of food. Yet for others in the world,…