It Started With…. A box of ‘wine’

When we say ‘box of wine’, we are of course referring to the notorious Aussie delicacy known as GOON! As a backpacker (back in the day) I will happily admit, MANY great nights started gathered around a box… and also, a lot of great friends were made in hostel kitchens whilst bonding over the ‘unique’ taste! So thanks, Goon!


At the start of my Aussie adventure, admittedly I had no idea what Goon was (or what I was getting myself into!) Honestly, I was 100{67e156e4ee2ef9246962f65a4f1efdaee88fb3c7951f538c2a80b1896ec79ca1} lured in by the bargain price. I locked eyes with the box on a trip to the bottle-o and optimistically thought ‘it can’t be that bad. Can it?!’
Rumour has it that Goon is a result of wineries mixing together their ‘leftover’ products, and with the labels stating ‘may contain nuts, fish eggs etc.’ the story does add up!


When backpacking in Aus, you have sky-dives, road trips and scuba diving to save for… so when you see a 5ltr box of wine for $10-$20 it’s very, very hard to say no! (No matter how bad the taste or hangovers are!)

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I now understand, Goon is not just a box of (almost) ‘wine’… Goon is a rite of passage for any backpacker in Australia AND for any Aussie growing up keen to party on the cheap! We may hate it, but secretly, we really love it!

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(STA does not necessarily recommend any of these games, although admittedly they can be fun. Drink responsibly peeps! Goon hangovers are BAD!)

Goon of Fortune – Attach the goon bag to a spinning clothes line. Whoever it stops nearest to, drinks! Utter genius.

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Fingers – A glass of Goon is poured. Everyone places one finger on the cup. One player at a time counts to three and then guesses how many fingers will remain on the cup. Each player can choose to keep or remove their own finger from the cup. If the player guesses correctly, he/she is free. The last person remaining must consume the cup of Goon. Risky!

Centurion – 1 shot of Goon every 1 minute, for 100 minutes! It’s harder than it sounds!

Let’s raise a glass (of Goon of course) to the trusty silver bag for starting off many great nights!
However, if you hate the stuff and never want to see a box again, head to Europe. It’s Goon-free there, we promise!