The Secrets of the Top End

Meet Allan Dixon, he was given the opportunity of a lifetime to work in the Northern Territory for 6 months as an Outback Adventurer. Allan told us all about his favourite moments and why he hopes his experience can help turn your head towards a working holiday in the Northern Territory…

The last six months  have been an experience of a lifetime. It has reminded me to get out there and see the world while I still can, to get out of your comfort zone and book a one way plane ticket.

Image credit: Allan Dixon


When you think of the Australia’s outback what comes to your mind? Desert, sand, one tree every hundred kilometres. Well, you’re right. However, along the way, nature added in so many other cool things too. Mountains, sheer cliffs, gorges, water holes, canyons and blood orange sunsets like no other in the world.

The Northern Territory is built for road trips. It’s such a huge state of open landscapes that needs exploring. Having travelled around the outback for the past six months here are some of the best places that are unlike anywhere else in Australia, hidden gems if you will, that the guide books fail to tell you about, to fully comprehend how breathtaking the place really is.


Nobody told me that this place is one giant natural amphitheatre. I’m not kidding you, if you shout something at the top of your lungs you can hear your echo about seven times over. It’s just an amazing place. You need a 4WD and get out there, but it’s totally worth it. Allow at least two days traveling in the park, and prepare for what is by far the best sunset I’ve ever seen in the outback. You feel like you’re on top of the world and all your problems in life are gone.

Image credit: Allan Dixon


This is just beside Uluru. If you planned on going to the rock, great. Go experience it. But the best thing in the whole park is this view that will leave you speechless. I was expecting a dinosaur to walk by. You forget where you are and what you’re doing in life. All you can do is smile. I’ve been there three times and would love to go back again.

Image Credit: Allan Dixon


This probably the best swimming spot in the West MacDonnell Ranges. It’s surrounded by sheer red cliffs with a sandy shoreline to relax on. Just beautiful. There’s also a walk you can hike called the Pound Walk, But the best part of the walk is the last 2km of the 8km walk, from the swimming spot walking back though the canyon for some great views until you feel like turning around to cool off in the water hole.

Image Credit: Allan Dixon


As you’re driving to Uluru there’s a spot called the Mount Connor Lookout. From there you can walk or drive to a huge dry salt lake. About a 20 minute walk and totally worth it. Such a surreal view to have your whole perspective covered by white. It feels like you’re on another planet. If you ever have a chance to go on any salt flats in the world, say yes!

Image Credit: Allan Dixon

The Northern Territory is quite different to anywhere in Australia. It’s more of a laid back lifestyle, huge areas of wilderness, the work is good, and it’s not over crowded.

The top of the state is tropical and the bottom is red desert. If you’re looking for good money they’re plenty of jobs in hospitality, construction, marine, tourism and farming. If you like to party then head to Darwin city, there’s a party on nearly every night. If you like road trips and camping then Kakadu National Park and The Red Centre is for you. My time has flown by in the top end. I love this place and need to keep exploring, there’s just too much to do and not enough time!

We swear by the end of your time in the top end, you’ll have a whole new appreciate for the land we call home! So, what are you waiting for check out our exclusive deals!