The Top 5 Reasons to book in store with STA Travel!

At STA Travel, we’ve been travelling the world since 1979. Over 35 years later, our fashions may have changed but as travellers, we haven’t. We’re still just as wide-eyed with the world and just as bonkers about getting you out there to see it. Here are 5 reasons to stop what your doing and visit us in store to book your next adventure:

1. No messing around

great wall of china
We completely take the stress out of booking. With our knowledge we can tailor make your route so that you don’t have to go back via Guangzhou 17 times. We have more options available to us, we know the tricks of the trade! Not only with flight routes but destination specific. Thinking of going something a bit different? Our Tailor Made Team (or hunt group) will create your dream trip! You don’t have to struggle through 200 travel websites, sat there for 3 hours. Pop in and we’ll do all the leg work for you. Stress free and simple.

2. Peace of mind

We’re going to be there for you when things go a little bit pear shaped. No one saw that last minute flight change coming… oh wait, we did! If there’s an emergency or something goes wrong, you need to change those flights or cancel. We are only a phone call or email away. SkyScanner doesn’t care. We have a heart, we wouldn’t want the same thing happening to us. It’s in the name @statravelcares. We are your safety net.

3. ‘Mate in the know’

mate in the know
Our Travel Experts have first hand experience. It’s a job requirement. We’ll be able to tell you about that gem of a restaurant in Hoi An or that secluded beach on Phi Phi! That’s what it’s all about chatting through ideas, getting excited. Just you wait and the whole store will be telling you about “this one time in Cuzco…” We can answer those little questions that a booking page won’t know. How much money we spent in Europe? or What size backpack we took? What we would do differently… probably not buy those funny-looking spring rolls off that street vendor! We Know Because We Go. And we’d go again.

Sounds cheesy but it’s true, We Know Because We Go. Book a store appointment and you’ve done the hardest bit, leave the rest to us!

4. We’ve got connections

We can find you the best deals that you can’t sniff out online (we’ve been trained in it). Want to know what our exclusive BlueTickets are? Need a room upgrade? Last space on the tour has sold-out? Want to be able to change your flights on the cheap? A $100 off a tour? No problem! We can wangle you a sweet deal and save you some hard-earned dollar. Plus it’s $50 off when you book in store (…every little helps)

5.Don’t forget!

india blog
We’re your personal check-list. If there’s something you think you’ve forgotten a website is not going to remind you… Oh but we will! Whether it’s insurance cover for when you’re bungee jumping in Queenstown, visa information for transiting through America, entry requirements for India, what to do with your money while you’re away, vaccinations you’ll need for Kenya. We can help!

It’s not as simple as a one way ticket out of here. We wish it was.