Top 10 ultimate adventures worldwide

Deciding where to go on your next trip can be an absolute headache. But fear not, we’re here to ease that pain with our choice of 10 worldwide adventures to send that wanderlust into a frenzy.

  1. “Up for an epic trek? No prob-llama” – Inca Trailshutterstock_5740210601
    Take a hike through one of the world’s best-known trails! Marvel at cliff-edge views of the region’s ruins finishing up at majestic Machu Picchu set high in the Andes Mountains in Peru. Maybe you’ve heard of it? And if walking’s not wild enough for you, then why not bike it?
  2. “Viet-DAMN” – Vietnam

    rice field vietnam adventure tour sta travelFrom Ho Chi Minh City to Hoi An, get ready for diverse landscapes, chaotic traffic and street-food to die for. Whether you decide to bike, boat, snorkel or bus it across Vietnam, your head will be swivelling trying to take in all in.
  3. “Not suitable for anyone with a fear of camels”- Morocco

    morocco sta travel adventure tour
    If you’re keen to get wild minus the wet, then hit up Morocco for Arabian charm, bustling cities and idyllic desert. For Assassin’s Creed fans, try not to climb up minarets in Marrakech, all the fun is on the ground (promise) in the vibrant streets and market-stalls.
  4.  “For goodness saké, Japan is awesome” – Japan

    japan travel adventure tours sta travel
    For a country where the historic and futuristic collide, Japan is your answer. See Samurais and Geishas, anime and bullet trains in a culture so quirky it’s hard not to fall for. And for the foodies? There is definitely more to this incredible cuisine than just sushi and ramen.
  5. “Khmer and check out Cambodia or Nom Nom in Phnom Penh” – Cambodiacambodia adventure tour sta travelYou may head to Cambodia thinking about it’s difficult history but you’ll leave remembering the kind, caring locals. An authentic adventure filled with endless temples waiting to be explored. Escaping Australian hum-drum for the rustic way of life in Cambodia is what this trip is all about so get ready to never want to leave.
  6. “The views here are Amaze’on” – Amazon Rainforest

    amazon river adventure tour sta travel
    Get your jungle warrior on with a trip to the Amazon and uncover the world’s largest tropical rainforest. There are plenty of conservation opportunities if you fancy doing the long-haul, but if you only have a few days then enjoy canoeing up river, spotting animals and the experience of getting back to basics.
  7.  “Galapagos on your bucket list is a ‘natural selection'” – Galapagos Islandsgalapagos giant tortoise sta travel adventure tour
    Follow in Darwin’s footsteps and head to the volcanic islands of the Pacific Ocean in the Galapagos. From Hammerhead sharks, sea lions and dolphins to iguanas, turtles and penguins this place is made for animal lovers. Visit the Darwin Research Station, tortoise breeding centre and do a spot of snorkelling in between.
  8. “Havana great time in Cuba!” – Cuba

    cuba havana adventure tour sta travel
    Cuba epitomises old-school cool and with the likes of Havana on the cards you can look forward to getting lost in the colourful streets, where palaces are neighboured by urban communities. Are you more ocean than city? No worries, the diving opportunities here are some of the best around. Sharks, rays and tropical fish a plenty.
  9. “The geysers are gonna blow you away.” – Icelandteepee iceland adventure tour sta travelIceland is the ultimate in winter holidays. This trip is all about nature as you hike to hot springs, through lava caves and under waterfalls (ok, not quite). If you’re looking for culture get ready for native stories about elves and the world’s largest display of penises at the penis museum (280 if you’re wondering).
  10. “Party in the USA” – North Americausa adventure tour sta travel
    It’s hard to pinpoint just one area to cover in the US. Surf-strewn coast in LA, New York city-living, the culture of the Deep South or into the wild at Yellowstone National Park? Whatever you’re looking for they’ve got it! Enjoy the freedom of the open road and with over 50 states to choose from, you should prepare for a super-sized adventure.

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