Ultimate Melbourne Road Trip!

So our UK mates sent two pro-Instagrammers Adam Partridge from the UK and Hannes Becker from Germany to explore Melbourne’s backyard… this is their journey!

Like all good adventures, you must have a starting point…

Yarra river

You need transport… and you need to ride in style!


You need to take regular breaks… strolls through rainforests are recommended.

rain forest GOR

And after a long walk and a long drive, a view like this needs to be appreciated!

12 apostles

You could also appreciate it from the air…

helicopter ride 12 apostles

And after a long day… you need some well earned rest

Camping under the stars

We recommend camping under the best ceiling…

stary sky

Then you wake up in another place and do it all again…

squeaky beach

You climb mountains to breathe in stunning views…

wilson prom

And to feel on top of the world…

Mt oberon

Last of all no hike is complete without watching the sun go down.

sunset wilson prom

Then after all the fun… it’s back to reality!

Xavier college

Images were taken in Melbourne CBD, along The Great Ocean Road and at Wilsons Promontory National Park.