What’s STA Travel all about?

STA Travel = Start The Adventure. We’re all about seeing the world and getting under the skin of another country. We understand traveller’s needs as we have travelled ourselves for over 35 years. We’re your mate in the know. Whether you’re a student or not, under 25 years or older, experienced backpacker or beginner, we want to help you travel as far as you can! But how do we do that?

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Who are we?

So it all started way back in 1979 when flares were a thing. Two Aussie students had just come back from their worldly travels and decided that they couldn’t get enough! Inspired by all of the incredible people they had met, the boys wanted to make it their duty get others to explore the world and experience everything it had to offer. Say hello to STA Travel.

But that was more than 35 years ago now, fashions have moved on (and come back on trend again) but uncovering the world, creating life changing opportunities and helping those who need it most, is still at the very core of what we do. We are passionate about sending people on unforgettable trips, we’ve helped over 2 MILLION travellers and counting! We’re hungry for exploration and want to share this knowledge with young budding travellers like yourselves. Remember, ‘to travel is to live’.

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What can we do for you?

Your mate in the know

Well the question is probably more, what CAN’T we do for you! Like we said, we’ve been sending people on adventures for over 35 years now, we’d like to think we know what we’re doing. Basically we are professionals at delaying students from entering full time employment and saving people from daily monotony. We’re all travellers just like you guys, We Know Because We Go, simple as that. We’ll be there to give you first-hand tips on where to find all the best bars and hidden restaurants – places that aren’t on any map!

Price Beat Guarantee

Exactly what it says on the tin. We guarantee to beat any price or we give you £1000*. You read that right and no it’s not a typo. We guarantee to beat any price from our competitors, but if for some insane reason we can’t we will give you £1,000 credit towards your next trip. Nice one.

*Check out our Ts&Cs if you don’t believe us!

Our exclusive BlueTicket

Right, we wanted to help you guys travel the world SO much that we invented our own incredible Round the World tickets and called them BlueTickets, the colour suits us. But what exactly are they?
A  BlueTicket  guarantees an unbeatable flight price, flexibility, eligibility for our deposit scheme and just downright handiness!

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Pretty much all of our Round the World tickets are made from BlueTickets, take the ‘Across the Pond’ for example it heads to 8 different stops across the Americas and AT THE MOMENT* is only £899, that’s about 100 quid a ticket. Mega cheap!
*aka hurry!

More flexible

Let’s talk flex baby, let’s talk about you and MultiFLEX passes. So the average traveller likes to change their Round the World ticket at least 5 times, we’re a fickle bunch! So we thought we’d come up with a solution to this:

£29 MultiFLEX pass = 1 change.
£69 MultiFLEX pass = 3 changes.
£99 MultiFLEX pass = UNLIMITED changes.

Most airlines charge around £100 for one change *screams* so we are saving you a tonne of money, we know plans change, we’ve all been there!

Deposit worthy

Our exclusive BlueTicket can also be deposited for $99. This means that you can pay £49 to lock in your flight, which will stop it from going up or selling out and all you have to do is pay off the full balance 10 weeks before you go! Think about it £49 is nothing, dinner for two in London, 1 week’s travel card, 6 Gin & tonics? For that you could get a Round the World trip.  Tempted?

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Why work for us?

Because we’re extremely fun. Just sayin’. We’re all travellers and we love to socialise! If you like sharing your travel stories all day, helping people embark on a trip of a lifetime and don’t mind a few beers after work then you might enjoy working for us. We’re customer obsessed, passionate about what we do and willing to share our expertise with those who need it most. Plus, we’ll send you on a free ‘Fam’ (familiarisation) trip to help you expand on your destination knowledge! Oh and the travel discounts, we’ve got mates rates with suppliers across the globe and you’ll receive an annual travel allowance, yes we’re paying you to travel. I can think of worse places to work!

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Who we like to help?

Apart from helping YOU obviously, STA Travel is also committed to being a socially responsible company.

We’re working in partnership with the Born Free Foundation, to operate a pioneering animal welfare policy. We risk assess all of our products, taken a “stop-sell” stance on experiences such as the Tiger Temple in Thailand and San Fermin Festival in Pamplona. We will only offer products where suppliers ensure the wellbeing and protection of animals.

In 2015, we joined forces with teen cancer charities around the world to help support young people battling cancer. We’ve hosted fund raising and volunteering events; such as fun runs, telethons and bandanna days to help teen cancer trusts give our people the opportunity to directly engage with, raise vital funds and promote awareness for teenage cancer.

Read more about the work we are doing here.

Feel like you know a little bit more about who we are? Whether you’re a customer, employee or just a wanderluster STA Travel is all about starting the adventure, so go do it!