Why we’re in love with the Philippines

The Philippines has been firmly on our radar for a good few years now – fresh coconuts on tap, national parks that are enough to make you never want to come back, and the beaut white-sand beaches and turquoise ocean that Asia is known for. We’ve fallen. Hard.

So, what have we fallen for?

The fact the Philippines allows us to live out our mermaid dreams

Divers, snorkelers, water babies… REJOICE. The islands of the Philippines are as much a paradise under the ocean as they are above it. Even their marine life sounds magical – Bamboo Shark, Snowflake Eel, Harlequin Shrimp. Don’t forget to take your GoPro!

Camping under the stars

One benefit of escaping to an island paradise is the ability to switch off from the world (unless you just can’t bear to part with your Instagram – the struggle is real). Take a day out to visit Kalipayan Island, where you can pitch a tent on a secluded beach and spend a night under the stars.

El Nido… just in general

The best way to see El Nido’s islands? Horizontally, kicking back on the top deck of a boat, getting some sun, and cruising around the limestone cliffs and peachy little bays. Maybe take some time out of being horizontal to go for a swim or a snorkel. It’s a hard life, we know, but someone’s got to do it.

Kayaking through a total water wonderland (the Big Lagoon)

After a day or two of kicking back, you might want to use your muscles again. Maybe. El Nido’s Big Lagoon is the perfect place for this. Hop in a kayak and explore the cliffs and calm waterways, spotting eagles and monkeys as you go.

Puerto Princesa and the Underground River

You can legit go canoeing through the magical caves in Peurto Princesa, which for obvious reasons is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You’ll be mesmerised when you visit. Ancient rock formations, stalactites, stalagmites, and bats – you’ll be forgiven for thinking you’ve been transported into another world.

Once we’ve finished living out our mermaid dreams, we can pretend to be Superman


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Being a mermaid isn’t for everyone. Maybe you want to fly through the sky instead (but attached to a zip line with a harness, because you’re not actually Superman). Well you can do that too in the Philippines – there’s a few different zipline locations across the islands. Island and zip line hopping: an adrenaline junkies dream!

The locals

We can’t list a load of reasons we love the Philippines and not mention the locals. Filipinos are friendly and fun (yes, we’re using alliteration). Not to mention how welcoming they are, and their openness to teach tourists about their culture and their history. This Northern Philippines on a Shoestring tour takes you straight to a local homestay where you can help out and learn about the community.

We ignore TLC and go chasing waterfalls… because they’re amazing


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Case in point: Bigaho Falls in the middle of the Paradise Island jungle. If that doesn’t sound magical, we don’t know what does.

Our foodie hearts are in heaven

Chicken Adobo (marinated chicken). Coconut curry. Grilled fish. Deep fried meats. Rice. Noodles. Asian food is an adventure and Filipino dishes are no different!

The abundance of fresh coconuts

Who doesn’t love sipping on a fresh coconut and lying on a beach?

If these reasons aren’t enough to tempt you to travel to the Philippines, then maybe you need to unleash your inner bookworm and have a read of our Philippines travel guide. Ready to book a trip?