A year gone wild

Seventeen years old and our Student Ambassador Nikki travelled 16,588 kms away from the Gold Coast. Here is her story.

My life packed into a suitcase for a whole year abroad was maybe the craziest and most exciting thing I’ve ever done. I am not going to lie, travelling for the first time by yourself is a little hectic. You can’t rely on your mum to make sure your information is right, and to make sure you don’t get stopped or thrown out of the country … but that’s okay, the best way to learn is getting thrown in the deep end. And, beating all odds, my crazy-self made it to Heathrow airport, so I am sure you can!

london 1

Tip for Heathrow: it may seem massive but don’t get overwhelmed, just follow the crowd. (Surely one of them knows what they are doing?) I wasn’t sure how to feel going from a heatwave to walking out of the airport in London to minus 3 degrees… 8:30 a.m. and it was pitch black. Let’s not forget it was raining (something you get used to living in England; as rain, hail or shine it doesn’t stop the English!).

More tips for England:
– a book to help with the long journey
– neck pillow as you will need to get sleep on the plane over there
– a travel SIM,
– some British pounds
– a Railcard (https://www.16-25railcard.co.uk, about AUD60 and gets you super cheap fares on trains).
– Let’s not forget your passport which must be valid for 6 months (key point)
– and your motto, YOGO (You Only Gap Once)!

When in doubt and you’re not sure what’s happening to you, repeat said YOGO and it will lead to amazing adventures … trust me! Living in England makes travel around Europe easy, you can get flights all the way to Prague, which by the way has a seriously sick five-storey nightclub! Let’s not forget the trains and bus system over there are also insanely efficient.


If you’re hungry in London, head to Costa or Pret-A-Manger for good cheap food. If shopping’s your thing, head to Primark ––a student-on-a-budget’s dream! For funky and cool gear to make the folks in Australia jealous, go to the Notting Hill Market or centrally-located Camden Markets where you can get enough free food samples to fill you up!

The scene in Europe is one you really need to see for yourself––after 45 different cities and 28 different countries I am sure the travel bug has bitten me, and trust me it will do the same for you!