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Latin America bus passes



From the Caribbean beaches of Mexico to the glaciers of Patagonia, Latin America is one beast of an area to cover, offering us travellers endless sights and sounds, and experiences like nowhere else. The scale of Latin America need not put you off though - these bus routes will allow you to plan your journey with confidence and get to Central and South America's top sights easily. So what are you waiting for? Unearth the legacies of ancient empires, climb the heights of the mighty Andes and take on the vibrant street life of the big cities!

Bolivia Fast Facts

language in Bolivia

Languages Spoken

The official language in Bolivia is Spanish, but a small percentage of the population use indigenous languages such as Quecha, Aymara and Guarani.

Bolivia currency


Name: Bolivian Boliviano

Code: BOB

Symbol: $b 

100$b is approx $18.47

time zone Bolivia

Time Zone

Time Zone: Central Time Zone (UTC-04:00)

Highlights of Bolivia


Pampas Amazonicas


Uyuni Salt Flats


Lake Titicaca


Madidi National Park


Bolivia Fast Facts

beer in bolivia


For the local taste, get a domestic beer for around 14BOB (approx $2.50). If you want a taste of home, prices go up for imported beer to around 21BOB (approx $3.90).

food in bolivia


If you’d rather ride in a cab than a bus, a 10km journey can cost 110BOB ($20). For any airport transfers from La Paz, you can expect to pay just $13.

taxi bolivia

Taxi Ride

Need to catch a ride? The average taxi fare starts at 8BOB (approx 90p), with an added cost per km of 7BOB (approx 0.79p)

transport in bolivia


Buses in Bolivia are very, very cheap and one-way tickets can cost as little as 50 cent. Cross country buses are very reasonably priced with straight drives from La Paz to Sucre costing just $32 (170BOB).  

hostels in bolivia


Bolivian hostels are cheap, starting at around 40BOB a night (approx $7.30) for a room in a dorm. Private rooms can be around 220BOB in La Paz ($42.20), but be sure to shop around for the best prices.

hotels in bolivia


On average, Bolivian hotels are pricier than other South American countries with private doubles starting at around 80BOB ($14.75). Or you can sleep with the monkeys in your own treehouse from 140BOB per person per night ($26) in Yolosa.

When to go to Bolivia

Some consider May to October the best time to visit Bolivia as this is the dry season, however prices will be higher and attractions will be busier. During August and September there’s typically agricultural work which results in a lot of farmland being burned and so we don’t recommend these months for travel.  
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Bolivia Adventure Tours

Bolivia salt flats
Bolivia Discovery
Bolivia is one of South America's least visited countries, and we're scratching our heads trying to figure out why. It has over 30 official languages, 36 native cultures, the world's largest salt flats, and the highest capital city! On this tour, you'll conquer the Andes, explore the salt flats by 4WD, visit multi-coloured lagoons and more!
11 days | From $1,359 - save up to 20% off
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La Paz
La Paz to Buenos Aires Adventure
This two-week adventuretakes you from the dizzying heights of La Paz, through the vast expanses of the Bolivian altiplano to the Atacama Desert, one of the driest places on earth. It's a journey of intense contrasts taking in some of the planets most extraordinary scenery. Finish off in Buenos Aires with a succulent steak, glass of Malbec and tango show. 
15 days | From $1,869 - save up to 15% off
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copacabana beach
Bolivian Magic
With two weeks on the clock, let's go. Packing in a total of 4 Latin heavyweights, this trip will take you from the iconic Cuzco, to the colonial beauty of Salta, via Incan ruins, Bolivian salt flats, bubbling hot springs and colourful flamingos. This trip is exclusively for 18-35's so a great opportunity to meet fellow travel mates. We're excited - are you?
15 days | From $3,679
view tour

What is the best way to travel around Bolivia?

Cross country buses are cheap and useful if you have a tight budget but be prepared for long journeys. Domestic flights are frequent and well-priced but these prices fluctuate in high season  be very cheap but can leave with long journeys and stopovers. Last minute domestic flights can be quite cheap so are recommended if you have a lot of ground to cover, but remember prices fluctuate dramatically depending on the season. 

Do I need a visa to visit Bolivia?

No, AU nationals do not require a visa to enter Bolivia. You will be granted an initial 30 day stay which you can extend two times for a further 30 days, free of charge. Remember, your passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond the intended length of stay.  We would recommend checking this before you depart in case rules change. 

What vaccinations do I need fro Bolivia?

If you have been in a country at high risk of yellow fever, you will need to prove you have had the vaccination. We advise that you take out comprehensive travel insurance for your stay, practice strict mosquito bite avoidance at all times and seek pre-travel health advice from your provider 6-8 weeks in advance of travel. 

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