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Brazil Travel Guide

Brazil is the country of Carnival, Copacabana and an amazing culture. Venture to one of the magnificent year-round beaches, visit the pounding Iguassu Falls, trek through the heart of the Amazon Rainforest, or for those who like to party, Rio Carnival is a must. Grab a Caipirinha and let the cosmopolitan atmosphere, tropical landscapes, beach lifestyle and pulsating nightlife enchant you.
languages icon LANGUAGES
The official language spoken in Brazil is Portugese
currency icon CURRENCY
Brazilian Real (BRL)
100 BRL is approximately $40
time zone icon TIME ZONE
Amazon Time Zone (UTC-04:00)
Fernando de Noronha Time Zone (UTC-02:00)
and Brasilia Time (UTC-03:00)

Top places to visit in Brazil

bustling city of sao paulo in the night

Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is a large sprawling city of 11 million, and the tourist attractions are spread out.  Enjoy the art and the shops while the sun is shining and soak up the rich culture, food and bars by night.  Laze by the lakes in Ibirapuera Park where you can even borrow books from the unique Bosque de Leitura (Reading Woods).  Another highlight is the Snake Farm where you can see snakes, scorpions, and spiders from around the world. 
hot air balloons surround the city of Brazilia at sunset


The planned city of Brasilia was built in only four years and was designed to impress.  Houses along the wings of the airplane shaped city all look out onto park and wide boulevards lead to the centre.  Take the time to check out the modernist architecture such as the Square of the Three Powers, the Palace of Justice and Brasilia Cathedral. 
vast landscapes of mountains at sunset in Salvador


Give in to the charms of Salvador, the old colonial capital built on a peninsula overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and Todos os Santos Bay.  The beaches in the bay are calm with long stretches of sand, while the Atlantic beaches are good for surfing.  The tourist epicentre is Pelourinho, the ‘city within a city’, with cobblestone streets, churches and brightly-painted buildings as well as bars, restaurants and other attractions. 
a man staring at a colourful wall filled with intricate lines and street art in São Luis

São Luis

São Luis is one of the liveliest and most photogenic urban areas of Brazil, offering great beaches, delicious seafood and a thriving live music scene.  If you’re into reggae you’ll be right at home in Sao Luis as there are regular live outdoor performances and weekend parties.  Wednesday’s have also been established as a big reggae night. 

Brazil tour deals

Christ the Redeemer, a famous and iconic Brazillian monument standing tall on a mountain

In Search of Iguassu

Discover the best that Brazil and Argentina have to offer on this fantastic 17-day adventure. Feel the spray of Iguassu Falls, soak up the sun on the paradise island of Ilha Grande, get your samba on in Rio and explore cosmopolitan Sao Paulo.
17 days
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a man wearing a colourful eye mask in the carnival spirit

Rio de Janeiro Carnival Experience

Revel in one of the biggest parties on earth, witness the spectacular scenery of Rio, experience the craziness of the Sambadrome, relax knowing you have fantastic Chief Experience Officers (CEOs) taking care of all the details.
6 days
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giant gushes of water falling down Iguassu Falls

Wonders of Brazil

Minimise travelling times and make the most of your time at some of Brazil's best destinations. Flying from Sao Paul to Iguassu and from Campo Grande to Rio means more freedom to explore the waterfalls, beaches and wildlife on offers. Throw in some cacaha and you've got yourself a sizzler.
13 days
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FAQ - Travel in Brazil

When is the best time to travel to Brazil?

If you’re headed to Brazil for Carnival then February is the time to be there.  You definitely won’t be alone though so prepare for the crowds.  If you’re keen to get away from the hordes visit in March or April, you’ll find the beaches are still amazing.  History buffs will find the weather in Brazil best between June and August to avoid the heat.

Do I need a visa to travel to Brazil?

Australians don't need a visa to stay in Brazil for up to 90 days. However, to enter Brazil, ensure your passport is valid for at least 6 months beyond your trip. 

Is it safe to travel to Brazil?

As in any city you should be sensible and streetwise to ensure a trouble-free visit, and Brazil's are no exception. Avoid taking valuables or carrying large amounts of cash with you and make use of hotel safes. Be aware of your bags when you’re out, and your pocket, as pick pocketing still occurs and avoid leaving your belongings on the beach in Rio while you go for a swim.

What's the weather like in Brazil?

The Brazilian climate can vary greatly from region to region. The coastal cities of Rio de Janeiro, Recife and Salvador are hot and sticky for most of the year while plateau cities such as Sao Paulo, Brasilia and Belo Horizonte are milder. Rainy seasons occur from January to April in the north, April to July in the northeast and November to March in the Rio and São Paulo areas.

How long does it take to travel to Brazil?

Travelling from Sydney to Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo takes around 17-19 hours - Rio's airport is located 20km north of the city, Brasilia Airport is located 12km south of the city, and Sao Paulo Airport is located 25km northeast of the city, so you'll need to sort out some transport. 

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