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Croatia travel guide

Escape to this island paradise

Beaches, sea, sail, mountains, architecture, islands: Croatia offers all this and much more. This beautiful country settled between the Adriatic and the Mediterranean will mesmerise you, with such a variety of experiences on offer, you definitely won’t get bored. You can spend your days walking through medieval streets of the UNESCO listed Dubrovnik. From the culture of Dubrovnik, you can head to the island of Hvar to get your dancing fix as you party the night away on this well-known celebrity hotspot. 

Croatia Fast Facts

croatia in italy

Languages Spoken

The official language spoken in Croatia is Croatian.

croatia currency


Name: Crotain Kuna
Code: HRK
Symbol: kn
205kn is approx $44

time zone in croatia

Time Zone

The time zone in Croatia is Central European Standard Time (CET) and therefore is 8 hours behind Sydney.

Our favourite experiences in Croatia...

Sailing Croatia
Sailing Croatia
This Croatian cruise allows you to laze on the deck of a yacht in day and jump off in the evenings to indulge yourself in the nightlife of Hvar and many other islands. Cruising along the Aradtic coast of Croatia gazing over the beautiful blue ocean, you'll be forgiven to think that you've gone to heaven. There isn't a better way to travel Croatia with an everchanging scenery and activites, this is an experience you wouldn't want to miss out on. 
From Outlook to Hideout to Sonus, Croatia has some of the best music festivals in Europe. Skip the mud and rain of English festivals and get yourself to Croatia for some banging tunes without having to wear your wellies and carry that over-priced poncho around with you. Make sure to check out our amazingly priced packages of tickets and accomodation to leave the stress behind and focus on partying the night (and early morning) away!
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Local living
For a throwback to years gone by, then it is hard to beat Croatia. So why not try living like the locals do? With full acess to the local wine and a farm villa to reside in, it'll definintelty be a comfy stay. With day trips to Dubrovnik and the Ardiatic coast you'll get an authentic Croatian experience, with memories that will last a lifetime.

Croatia costs

cost of beer in cro


A pint in a pub/bar in Croatia is around 20kn (approx $4.50). Make sure to try some of the wide ranging Croatian wine that is on offer too.

cost of food in cro


A meal at a nice but inexpensive restaurant can cost you anywhere between 55kn - 70kn (approx $12 - $15).

cost of transport in cro


The price of transport in Croatia does depend on where you are and where you are going, but you can expect to pick up a single fare on public transport for around 10kn (approx $2.20).


Taxi tariffs start at around 16.50kn (approx $3.50) and they add around 0.75kn for every km.

hostels in cro


Accommodation is pretty well priced in Croatia; you can get yourself a dorm bed in a hostel from 100kn (approx $21.50) .

hotels in cro


Looking for something a little nicer? A double room in a fairly nice hotel can vary between 575kn - 1050kn (approx $125-$225).

Flights to Croatia

Flights to Croatia from Sydney is a long one. There are multiple places to fly to in Croatia, with a flight to Dubrovnik taking around 24 hours. You can also fly to Split and Zagreb if it suits your plan better.


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Adventure Tours

Road to Croatia | 14 days
Ever fancied an epic road trip ending up in an epic country? Well, look no further.  With this incredible tour you'll wind your way through Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Budapest, and many more. You'll be driven and guided by some of the best business, allowing you to explore the amazing locations on the route, with opportunities to get cultural and party depending on your preference!
From $3,202
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Zabgreb tour
Croatia Adventure – Zagreb to Dubrovnik | 7 days

Zagreb to Dubrovnik might not be your first thought when you want to book a European tour, but it should be! You'll travel down the beautiful Croatian coastline, partying in exclusive clubs by night and wander down old historic lanes in the daytime. You'll also be joined by other young and fun travellers, you'll definitely make some friends for life. 
From $1,061
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croatia adventure busabout
Busabout Croatia Adventure
Tour Croatia's pristine islands, party in Hvar, exlore historical Split and wander through Dubrovnik's magical streets unearthing history, delicious food and dreamy bars. The Adriatic is bluer than your dreams and with a nightlife just as vibrant, this will be three days you'll never forget.
From $289 per person
contact us to book

What is the weather and climate like in Croatia?

Coastal Croatia has a typically Mediterranean climate. Along the coasts, you can expect the average temperature in the summer to fall in the mid to late 20sºC but can peak into the 30sºC. Winters along the coast are obviously cooler but you shouldn't expect them to get below 5ºC.

Inland Croatia can get a bit nippier in the winter with temperatures often falling below 0ºC. However, the summer can be the complete opposite, with temperatures hitting the high 30sºC.

When is the best time to visit Croatia?

The best time to visit Croatia is from late May to early July. It will be hot enough to enjoy the coast and the Islands but without ending up drenched in sweat if you do decide to do a day of culture, walking around visiting sites.
Peak season is July and August, and you will find actually that a lot of Croats head to the coast in this period to grab some rays themselves. It can be very hot in this period and it will be busy in the tourist hotspots.

Do I need a visa to visit Croatia?

If you hold a valid Australian passport then you don't need a visa for a stay of less than 90 days. However, if you are staying longer you will be required to get a Schengen visa.

Can you drink the tap water in Croatia?

The tap water is safe to drink. In fact it is said that Croatia has some of the cleanest water in Europe.

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