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Cuba travel guide

Destination Inspiration

Soak up the soulful Cuban rhythms, stroll through picturesque old-world streets, feel the sizzling energy of Son and Rumba, and take in all of the bright colours - because Cuba is a place that was born to stand out! It's cool, with it's vintage cars, it's fun with it's lively dancing and music, and it's an intriguing cultural hub - if these reasons aren't enough to seduce you, then we don't know what will be!

Cuba Fast Facts

language in cuba

Languages Spoken

The official language spoken in Cuba is Spanish, however the second most spoken language in Cuba is Haitian Creole.

currency in cuba


Name: Cuban Convertible Peso (you may also see Cuban Peso, but tourists only really use CUC)
Code: CUC
Symbol: CUC$
100CUC$ is approx $124

time zone cuba

Time Zone

Time Zone: UTC-05:00 and UTC-04:00

Top places to visit in Cuba

Cuba is a land of diversity. From the green hills and tobacco plantations of Viñales to its heavenly Caribbean beaches; the quaint alleys of Trinidad to the hustle and bustle of Havana and Santiago, Cuba has something for everyone and enough to keep visitors enchanted for a lifetime. There are so many incredible places to visit, but here are our top picks to start you off!


Cuba’s exhilarating capital, this vivacious city is bursting with soul, history and a culture like nowhere else. Musicians erupt on the streets, dilapidated buildings ooze with old world charm, and locals and visitors catch rides in the coolest cars on earth. As your gateway to Cuba, Havana hits you in the face as soon as you arrive and leaves an impression that lasts forever. Viva la Habana!


In total contrast to Cuba’s capital, Viñales is a laid back, lush green area of beautiful hills and old plantations, not forgetting a coast with some of the best diving on the island. See a more traditional side to Cuban life in this western province. Get off the beaten track on a bicycle ride through the valley, go hiking in the national park and try your luck as spotting some local sea turtles.


Catapult yourself back in time to the colonial gem of Trinidad! Now a UNESCO heritage town, it's amazingly photogenic. Wander through winding, cobbled streets, visit hidden old churches and stay in the onetime homes of the Spanish gentry who thrived on the local sugar industry. And let’s not forget, Trinidad is home to some of the best music salons on the island – so get your groove at the ready!

Santiago de Cuba

Once a revolutionary hotbed, Santiago has long been known as a thriving melting pot. African-Caribbean influences are clear in the local culture, the July carnival is one of the biggest in the Caribbean and the intriguing Santeria Voodoo belief system is ever present. Santiago is also known as the birthplace of music such as Son and Salsa, so you’re sure to experience some explosive dance moves!

Cuba Fast Facts

cost of beer in cuba


The typical cost of a domestic beer in Cuba is 1CUC$ (approx $1.24) and imported beer isn't much more, at 2CUC$ (approx $2.48).

cost of food in cuba


The cost of a standard meal in Cuba is 5CUC$ on average (approx $6.21), but if you're looking for something a little nicer, a meal for 2 in a mid-range restaurant isn't much more - at 14.50CUC$ (approx $18).

Taxi Ride

Taxi's are super cheap around Cuba. The tarriff starts at 0.81CUC$ on average (approx $1) and it's an extra 0.50CUC$ (approx 62c) for each km.


Local transport in Cuba is even lower in cost than a taxi, with a one-way ticket costing as little as 0.20CUC$ (approx 24c) and a monthly pass only costs 9CUC$ (approx $11).

hostels in cuba


Hostels in Cuba vary depending on the areas - in Havana a night costs 11.14CUC$ (approx $13.83), in Cienfuegos it costs about 7.90CUC$ (approx $9.80), in Santa Clara around 8.89CUC$ (about $11) and in Camaguey the average per night is 14.36CUC$ (approx $17.83).

hotels in cuba


Cuba has a range of accommodation to choose from, from budget to high end - it's between 50CUC$ and 100CUC$ (approx $62-$124) for a night in a mid-range hotel.

Getting There

Havana's Josi Marti International Airport is the airport you're likely to fly into from Australia - it can take 21 hours to fly, and you'll always have atleast one stop to break it up. You can also fly into Abel Santamaria International Airport in Santa Clara - this route takes atleast 35 hours. 
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Cuba adventure tours

Cuba Adventure Tours

Cuban Rhythms | 8 Days

Journey through the culture-soaked streets of Trinidad and Old Havana for your fill of drinking and dancing. The music here pours out of open windows. Hit the beach and explore the outdoors, then connect with the locals in homestays and make friends for life.

Sailing Cuba | 8 Days

Hop over the wall and get to know Cuba like you never have before on this unique eight-day journey through the islands of the Canarreos Archipelago aboard an exclusive catamaran. Snorkel the crystal-clear waters in search of colourful fish, relax on the beach, and dine on some of the best seafood you'll ever have.

Cuba Explorer | 9 Days

Explore a side of Cuba that few rarely get to experience on this nine-day adventure. Cruise Havanas history-infused streets in a classic car and stroll along Trinidads cobblestone avenues to the rhythms of music floating from open windows, plus loads more to get you exploring the islands vibrant culture.

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