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City Guide

Feel the soul and the rhythm of Cuba’s exhilarating capital, Havana. Explore the streets of the city to find local buskers jamming together, colonial buildings oozing with charm, pockets of history around every corner, and see some seriously cool vintage cars cruising the streets. Your heart will be left in Havana. 

What to do in Havana

  • Fusterlandia
    For the art nerds - this neighbourhood could fill your Instagram feed, easily. Local artist José Fuster first started decorating the neighbourhood of Jaimanitas in brightly coloured street art about 20 years ago - and it's still going!
  • Museo de la Revolución
    Delve into the history of the Cuban revolution by visiting this beautifully decorated museum in Old Havana. 
  • Malecón
    If you've seen photos of Havana, you won't be able to miss the classic vintage car shots - and this is where you can snap one of your own photos! This esplanade stretches along the coast of Havana, where you can find colourful vintage cars, quirky architecture, and bustling local Cuban life.
  • Necrópolis Cristóbal Colón
    It may seem a bit morbid, but this cemetery has solidified itself as a tourist attraction due to its intricate and elaborate statues depicting the famous artists, revolutionaries, and other cubans that are buried here. 
  • Catedral de la Habana
    A baroque masterpiece designed by an Italian architect, this beautiful cathedral is located in the heart of Old Havana. Don't just marvel at it from the ground though, climb to the top for some impressive views of the surrounding neighbourhoods.
  • El Capitolio
    Another impressive architectural feat, the National Capitol Building is just as beautiful inside as it is outside (if not more so) - this building, full of intricate detailing and designs, was once home to the Government, until the Cuban Revolution.

Havana Neighbourhood Guide

Cayo Hueso
The place to visit if you're looking for authentic Cuban culture - Cayo Hueso is a working-class neighbourhood in central Havana. It's got colourful murals, musicians on the streets, and if you're interested in watching (or joining) rumba dancers, they gather at noon on Sunday's at Callejon de Hamel. Feel the rhythm baby!


La Rampa
Home to the Yara Cinema - a cuban landmark since it was built in 1955, and the infamous 'Coppelia' (where people go to get their icecream fix), La Rampa is at the heart of the city centre. Here you'll find loads of restaurants, clubs and bars to get stuck in to, up the hill from the Malecon to Calle L. Movies, icecream, and great places to eat? We'll be there.


Bright eyed and bushy tailed, Prado is the fresh face of Old Havana. Take a stroll down Paseo de Marti for buildings that date back to the early 20th century, the neoclassical Capitol Building, or the Art Deco Bacardi Building. When you're done gazing at impressive architecture, take a seat along the promenade to watch general Cuban life pass by - artists, skateboarders, craft sellers, you name it!


Plaza Vieja
The original city centre in Old Havana, Plaza Vieja has a bit of everything. From grand buildings like the Cathedral and the museum to neoclassical buildings dotted along winding laneways, to vibrant street performances, local artists, theaters and art galleries. Not only is a great place to visit by day, if you stay in to the evening you'll be in the heart of the buzzing atmosphere surrounding the bars and cafes. 


Flights to Havana

Depending on where in Australia you're flying from, flights to Havana can take over 24 hours. Plenty of airlines service this route however, with stopovers in Canada, Paris and London, to name a few. Secure your flight now with a $99 deposit - visit us in store to book!
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What is the main Havana airport?

The international airport for Havana is Havana Jose Marti International Airport (HAV) and is the easiest way to fly into Cuba.

Things to do in Havana

Cuba Libre
On this tour through the 'Garden Province' of Cuba, you will get the full Cuban experience. From staying in a local homestay, to enjoying a cheeky Cigar and Mojito on the rooftops of Havana, you will fall in love Cuba with this tour.
6 days - from $719
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Cuban Rhythms
Journey through the culture-soaked streets of Trinidad and Old Havana for your fill of drinking and dancing. The music here pours out of open windows. Hit the beach and explore the outdoors, then connect with the locals in homestays and make friends for life as you hit the sites with other young people like yourself. 
8 days - from $1,149
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Cuba Explorer
Journey through history-infused Havana and the cobblestoned streets of Trinidad, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Then head to Cienfuegos for some relaxing at the beach and a tour of its impressive bay. Visit monuments to the icons of the revolution and experience a side of Cuba few rarely get to see by foregoing hotels most nights for local homestays.
9 days - from $1,529
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Weather in Havana

Ditch the cold Aussie winter and opt for the warmth of Havana between June and August - the hottest being June, with an average temperature of 27°c (but this is also the wettest month). It's a decent place to visit all year though, as their 'cold' temperature is a balmy 21°c. Maybe best to avoid September and October though as this is when they get the highest number of hurricanes. 
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