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If you want to hop from one tropical island to another, come face to face with active volcanoes, dance the hula, dive & snorkel with sea turtles and manta rays and surf some of the world’s biggest waves, you should hop on a flight to the USA’s 50th state. Contact our Travel Experts and start planning your ultimate Hawaii adventure now.

Hawaii fast facts

USA Currency


Name: US Dollar
Code: USD
Symbol: $

Languages  USA

Languages Spoken

Hawaii has two official languages: Hawaiian and English. Pidgin is a widely spoken slang and the third, unofficial language.

USA time zone

Time Zones

Eastern Standard Time (GMT -10)

Hawaii top tips

drink prices hawaii


Plan to spend $6-8 for beers and $10-12 USD for cocktails in Hawaii's beach bars.

food prices hawaii


Yummy deli sandwiches can be found for only $5 USD, basic breakfast and lunch menus start at $13 incl. one drink and dinner prices start at $35 USD.

taxi prices hawaii

Taxi Ride

A 3km taxi ride in Honolulu costs between $11-15 USD. Taxis from the airport to many beach resorts cost between $30 - 40 USD. A more affordable option: shuttle busses, starting at $9 USD or direct city-airport busses starting from only $2.50!

transport hawaii


Rides on Oahu's local TheBus network, cost $2.50 USD. To hop from island to island it's best to fly and hiring a car is a great way to get out of the cities and explore the islands.

hotels hawaii


A hotel bed in Hawaii can cost beteween $20 USD for dorm beds to $75 USD for private rooms per night's stay.

hostels hawaii


Hostels in Hawaii are not cheap and even budget hotels cost on averages $100 USD per night.

Best Time to Visit

Hawaii is warm and sunny all year long but the summer months are very busy and hotels and flights are more expensive during the peak season. It's better to head to Hawaii anytime between January and May or September to December if you want to avoid the crowds.
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Where to go: The best Hawaiian Islands

Oahu is Hawaii’s most popular island and full of thrill-seeking adventures. Stay in the electric Polynesian capital Honolulu or in one of many resorts overlooking Waikiki Beach, surf the giant waves at North Shore, pay tribute to the Pearl Harbour memorial and hike up to Leahi (Diamond Head) for picture-perfect views.
hawaii islands
It’s so easy to fall in love with Hawaii’s second largest island. Take part in a Luau, a traditional Hawaiian feast and learn to dance the hula, or take your holiday fling to marvel at romantic sunsets. Maui is also a hotspot for water sports and ideal for windsurfing, snorkelling and diving.
hawaiian islands
Nicknamed ‘the Garden Isle’, Kauai is almost covered in lush rainforests and cascading waters which are best seen from up top. Dramatic cliffs and jungle settings have inspired movie makers to film on this tropical gem and you can unwind on long sandy beaches.

Hawaii adventure tours

Hawaii big kahuna tour
The Big Kahuna | 9 days
You've seen it in the movies and fantasised about it since forever, so why put it off any longer? No, we're not talking about the Big Kahuna Burger in Pulp Fiction - we're talking about an experience far tastier. On this nine day island hopping adventure, you'll see volcanoes, hula dancing, incredible surfing and endless swaying palms on Waikiki, Kona, Maui and more... 
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Hawaii Big Island | 8 days
Say ‘Aloha!’ to the tropical island of all islands, the Big Mama of all paradises - Hawaii. If it's beautiful beaches and action-packed days you want then you'll struggle to find better places on earth! Get off the usual tourist track to discover the real Hawaii – stay in remote oceanside campsites and cabins, hike lush trails, snorkel with turtles and witness one of the most active volcanoes in the world.
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Hawaii FAQs

Where is Hawaii?

Hawaii is a group of islands located in the Pacific Ocean, 3,970 km west of California. Despite being in the middle of the Pacific, Hawaii is a US state. 

How long is the flight to Hawaii?

The flight time to Hawaii is roughly 10 hours from Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane and several airlines fly directly. As Hawaii is quite far, we suggest you make the mst of your journey and add Hawaii to your round the world or multi-stop flights.

How do I get from one island to another?

You can get direct flights to Maui, Kauai and the Big Island from Honulu International Airport. The cost ranges from $40 USD to $75 USD one-way. The two largest airlines in Hawaii are Hawaiian Airlines and Go Airlines.