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India travel guide

Shake up your senses in India

If you're looking for a real adventure, then you've decided on the right place! India has everything a traveller could want, if they're looking for somewhere unlike any other - hectic and lively cities, contrasting culture, fiery cuisine, and magnificent landscapes. Take bustling railway journeys and raucous rickshaw rides across the country, snap photos of stunning monuments and inhale the exotic scents of spice and incense. Get ready for a place that will shake up your senses and have you falling in love with travelling all over again.

India fast facts

Indian Language

Languages spoken

The language most widely spoken in India is Hindi, however there are a number of other languages, such as Bengali and Telugu.

Indian Currency


Name: Indian Rupee
Code: INR
Symbol: ‎₹‎
100 INR is approx $2

Indian Time Zone

Time zone

India Standard Time (IST)

India costs

India Beers


The cost of a domestic beer in India is 100INR on average (approx $2), but you can grab one for as little as 80INR.

Indian Meals


A meal at an inexpensive restaurant in India can range from 80-250INR (approx $1.60-$5), however you will get food much cheaper if you explore the street food stalls, where you can get samosas for 5INR (10c).

India Taxi

Taxi Ride

Want to catch a cab? Taxi fares start from 50INR (approx $1), and you should always ensure you get a prepaid taxi. Or you could go for the cheaper option: a Rickshaw.

Transport India


The easiest and most frequent mode of transport around India is by autorickshaw (like Tuk Tuks), which start at 25INR (approx 50x), or taxi. However you can also get around by bus, boats and trains.

Hostels India


Looking to stay in a hostel when you're in India? Dorm rooms start from as little as 165INR (approx $3.30).

Hotels India


From budget to 5*, you'll be able to find a hotel room to suit your budget. The average cost for a double room is 500INR(approx $10).

Top places to visit

Mumbai and Delhi
Get ready for two exhilarating cities! The capital city of Delhi and its rival Mumbai are captivating, pulse-pounding, vibrant and overwhelming all at once. If you've heard of the phrase 'a kaleidoscope of colour' you'd be forgiven for thinking it originated here! Tons of people, bright colours, traffic and local markets. Head to Pahargang for the backpacker scene, or Mumbai for some of the best street food in India!
Agra & Rajasthan
If you're looking for classic India (how you imagine it) then take yourself to the famous Taj Mahal in Agra, or the beautiful Amber Fort in Jaipur. Then wander the maze-like streets of Jodhpur, take in the grand palace of Udaipur, and the stunning desert city of Jaisalmer. Want to witness one of the annual Camel Fairs? Then look no further than pretty Pushkar. You'll never be short of things to do in these little areas of India.
The Himalayas
If you're a keen trekker, then the Himalayas will be at the top of your list! But where do you stop on your treks? Try the tranquil and isolated Ladakh in the north, the scenic train journey in Shimla, and the home of the Dalai Lama (McLeod Ganj). There's also the picture-perfect surroundings of Manali and Rishikesh, and if you want to stop for a cup of something hot, then get yourself to Darjeeling - it will definitely be your cup of tea (quite literally). 
Varanasi and The Ganges
India's holiest city, Varanasi and its Ganges shores is extremely sacred to all Hindus. Visit and you'll experience a chaotic mix of sounds, smells and spiritual rituals (the ghats - the steps down to the river - is a popular cremation spot.  Watch the sunrise over the shores from a boat on the river, and soak up the colourful sights and smokey air - Varanasi will leave a lasting imprint. 
Goa and Kerala
If you're looking for a bit of relaxation (and you probably will after all of the chaos of the cities) then go to Goa! It's one of India's best beach destinations - with palm fringed shorelines, crystal clear water, and even a colonial old city to wander around! Further south you'll find Kerala, famed for its idyllic backwaters, lush forest hills and white-sand beaches.

India tours & rail adventures

Travel India
The Golden Triangle | 8 days
Witness the diversity and colourful nature of the northern cities on this incredible journey through India, starting and finishing in Delhi. Wander the colonial monuments and labyrinth streets of Old Delhi, check out the magnificent Taj Mahal, awe at Jaipur’s architecture and visit rural villages to learn more about real rural life - all within 8 days.
From $949
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Travel India
Uncover India - Delhi to Goa | 15 days
The colours, the tastes, the architecture – experience the very best India has to offer. Snake your way through mysterious temples, magical palaces, shimmering lakes and some incredible cuisine. Check out the big cities of Delhi and Mumbai and soak up the amazing vistas of Rajasthan, including a trip to the Taj Mahal. Finish up in the party capital of Goa and soak up some sun.
From $1,609
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Travel India
West Coast India & Rajasthan by Rail | 12 days
Have you ever wondered what it's like to travel like a local in India? Well hop on a train to explore the chilled West Coast and exhilarating Rajasthan. After you experience the Taj Mahal, visit the colourful streets of Jaipur and explore stunning Udaipur. Plus, relax on Goa's golden beaches and indulge in fresh seafood right from the coast.
From $1,399
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Tailor made touring, rewritten

Want the freedom of creating your own India adventure, but need some help sorting out the logistics? INDI tailor made helps you get everything you want out of your trip, giving you the freedom to create your own itinerary, with as much help as you need. From buses to hostels, INDI has got you covered.
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India FAQ's

What is the population of India?

In 2016 the population of India was at 1.324 billion, which sets it at number 2 in the list of countries by population after China. The highest number of people live in Mumbai, followed by Kolkata.

What is the capital of India?

New Delhi is the capital of India - King George V transferred the capital from Calcutta to Delhi at the end of the Imperial Durbar in 1911. 

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