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Italy travel guide

Tall, dark and... Italian. Get ready to be charmed and inspired by this country.

Italy oozes charm in every city/town, and it's romantic in the sense that it makes travellers fall in love with the Italian lifestyle. Whether you're looking to gorge yourself on pasta and drink wine in the vineyards (the dream), drive through the rolling Tuscan countryside, learn about Italy's historic past in Rome, or up the ante in the relationship department by taking a trip to Venice - Italy will seduce you, and there's nothing you can do about it. What a little flirt.

Italy fast facts

language in italy

Languages spoken

The official language spoken in Italy is Italian. Some regions in Italy also speak French, German and Slovene.

italy currency


Name: Euro
Code: EU
Symbol: €
€25 is approx $39

time zone in italy

Time zone

The time zone in Italy is Central European Standard Time (CET)

Our favourite cities in Italy...

venice travel
Venice is thought of as the destination for honeymooners, but it’s not short on love for the single travellers. While the couples fall in love with each other, the single travellers can fall in love with getting lost in the winding streets, sipping a damn good coffee at a centuries-old cafe, or a spritz in a chic wine bar, dipping in and out of art galleries and museums, or being charmed by the dilapidated but alluring buildings (or the magnificent ones – hello, St Mark’s Basilica). Don’t vote it off just because you think it’s made for couples.
visit florence
Florence is the capital of Tuscany, and at the heart of the Italian Renaissance. This is where people go to gorge on tasty Tuscan food and world-class art, or enjoy the rural living in the rolling countryside, which is spattered with amazing vineyards. It’s got everything you’d expect from a UNESCO World Heritage site – narrow cobbled laneways, medieval architecture, tons of historic relevance, and a handful of world-class art museums. This is real Italy.
rome travel
Rome is the heart of Italy – the capital city. With ancient ruins like the Colosseum, and museums full of history, impressive monuments and buildings, bustling city life, and artistic heritage – Michelangelo, Caravaggio, and Bernini to name a few, this alfresco-loving, wine-drinking, history-hoarding city, bundles all tastes and cultures of Italy in to one beautiful place. It’s no wonder people go mad for it.
visit milan
Milan is often referred to as the fashion capital of the world, so it’s a great place to shop if you have plenty of euros! 1930’s Milan was the birthplace of Italian design. And so, creative businesses from all over the world flock to Milan for exhibitions, meetings, and after-work cocktails – it’s Italy’s city of sophistication. Head to the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie to see Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Last Supper’, although you could have a hard time getting in – only 25 visitors are admitted every 15 minutes to see the painting (about 320,000 visitors a year). Visitors must pass through a filtration system to help reduce the work's exposure to dust and pollutants.

Adventure tours

Italy Amalfi
Local living Italy - Coastal Tuscany | 7 days
See a side of Italy that tourists seldom witness on this intimate seven-day tour. Explore the streets of Capalbio, a remarkably well-preserved medieval town on the coast. Then immerse yourself into Tuscany's local culture, staying overnight in a quaint villa, sampling homemade olive oil pressed from olives grown in nearby groves, and exploring the nearby island of Monte Argentario in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Hitting destinations off the tourist trail, you'll truly explore Tuscany like a local.
From $1,849
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sicily tour
Simply Italy | 12 days
12-days floating around Italy - sounds ideal? This tour takes you to Rome and the Vatican, Sorrento, Capri, Florence, Pisa, the stunning Cinque Terre, Milan, Lake Garda and Venice... with another time to stop for pizza, gelato, Aperols and all the art. 
From $2,137
view tour
Italian Espresso | 8 days
You'll be oohing and aahing over Chianti & antipasto in a 16th century Tuscan winery, boating through the canals and islands of Venice, and learning about leather craft in the architecturally magnificent city of Florence. 
From $1,443
view tour

Italy costs

cost of beer in italy


You can't go to Italy without trying out an Aperol Spritz (when in Rome, and all that). But also, a pint in a pub/bar in is around €4.50 (approx $7).

cost of food in italy


Italy is the land of food, so stock up! If you're going for an inexpensive meal then you're looking at around €15 (approx $23.46) but if you grab a slice of pizza or a pot of pasta from a local takeaway you'll pay around €5 or less (approx $7.80)!

cost of transport in italy


The prices of transport in Italy differ depending on where you are, but on average a one-way ticket on local transport is around €1.50 (approx $2.35)


If you're looking for a cab (although walking is waaaay better to take in all the scenes), taxi tariffs start at around €5 (approx $7.82) and they add around €1.50 for every km.

hostels in italy


Looking to spend more money on experiences (and food) than accom? We feel ya! Get yourself a dorm bed in a hostel from around €20 (approx $31.28).

hotels in italy


Not feeling sharing a room with 4 other travellers? Fair. A double room in a mid-range hotel can vary between €100-€200 (approx $156-$312).

Flights to Italy

If you’re flying to Italy straight from Oz then you’ll likely fly into Rome or Milan, as these cities service international flights. Flights from Sydney and Melbourne to Italy roughly take around the same amount of time – just over 20 hours, and Perth is slightly less, around 18 hours on average. Alternatively, you could visit Italy on a Eurail pass when you’re visiting other countries in Europe.
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Italy weather: when's the best time to visit?

The weather in Italy varies from place to place, so it depends where you're looking to visit. The season's are the same as the rest of Europe - so if you're looking for nice weather, aim for spring and autumn.

In the summer, Northern Italy is warm and it'll occassionally rain, however if you head to Rome, or the south and central regions, you'll find it can get uncomfortably hot - with temps climbing up to 35°C (although, you might like that). This is also when the majority of tourists flock to the country. 

Our recommendation? Head there between April - June or September - October.


Do Australians need a visa for Italy?

Australian citizens don't need a visa for Italy if they're only planning on being there for less than 90 days. You need to make sure that you have at least 6 months validity on your visa after your date of return/departure from the country.

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