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Malaysia Travel Guide



Discover the beautiful diversity of Malaysia's landscapes and cities. Trek through tropical jungles, dive or snorkel in colourful reefs, relax on pristine beaches and sample exotic Malaysian cuisine. Nature lovers can fly over to Borneo to spot wild orangutans or climb Mount Kinabalu, whilst city types can get a dose of culture amongst the skyscrapers of Kuala Lumpur.

Top places to visit in Malaysia

Malaysia has heaps of places to explore, destinations such as Penang, with Georgetown and the street art trail, Langkawi, Melaka Kuching & Kota Kinabalu. Each area has its own unique charms (and even some UNESCO awards). 
The Petronas Towers, two skyscraper buildings, rising high in the Kuala Lumpur city centre

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, or KL as it's often known, combines the old Asian culture with the shiny new. Towering skyscrapers jostle for position amongst ancient mosques, churches and temples on its famous skyline. Yet it's a city that charms those who visit it, with delicious Malaysian street food, lush jungle-style parks and a vibrant mix of cultures.
an oranguatang climbing a tropic tree in Borneo


Borneo is an adventurer's paradise and remains - even to this day - one of the most rugged and unspoilt parts of the world. Venture into primeval rainforests, dive in crystal clear waters and seek out rare and exotic species of wildlife. Trek up Mt. Kinabalu, the largest mountain in Southeast Asia, lock eyes with orangutans and meet remote island communities on your amazing Borneo travel adventure.

Malaysia tours and packages

an orangutan climbing on a tropic jungle tree in Borneo

Experience Sarawak

If Borneo is a nature lover’s dream (and it is), this fantastic six-day adventure is that dream come to life. Beginning in the dazzling city of Kuching, you’ll venture deep into the wondrous Bako National Park – home to odd-looking proboscis monkeys and the carnivorous pitcher plant. Next, it’s on to Batang Ai to spend the night in a fascinating Iban longhouse for an eye-opening glimpse into how Borneo's indigenous peoples live deep in the heart of the jungle.
6 days
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a traveller trekking in green lush jungles in Malaysia

Independent Malaysia Encompassed Adventure

For those who wish to get immersed in Malaysia`s amazing landscapes, don’t hesitate any longer and go on this incredible 9-day trip across the country. You will discover Kuala Lumpur, the capital, the Cameron Highlands and its majestic forests, Penang which is famous for its beautiful beaches and cultural diversity, and Melaka the historical 14th century port.
9 days
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scenic mountain scapes with a sun setting in the background

Highlights of Sabah & Mt Kinabalu

Spend time exploring Malaysia's jungle playground, Sabah. Meet orangutans in a rehabilitation centre, cruise on a river safari and trek up the stunning Mount Kinabalu.
an aerial view of blue turquoise waters with boats floating in the sea

Perhentian Island Beach Escape

Arrive in Kota Bharu airport and ferry to Perhentian Island for five days of sun, sea and relaxation. You'll stay in an eco-friendly resort with its own private beach. Spend your days swimming in the bay, helping in the island's conservation efforts. The package includes accommodation, some meals, transfers and a snorkelling trip. Jungle trekking, diving and kayaking are optional (but super fun) extras.
two orangutans facing the camera

Orang Utan, Sepilok and City Tour

Spend a day in Sepilok Sandakan - the second largest city in Borneo. Upon your arrival at Orang Utan you will watch a short film about the centre, then stroll to the viewing gallery and feeding platform where the apes are fed milk and bananas twice a day. You will also visit Central Market, Sim-Sim Water Village, Puh Jih Syh Buddhist Temple, and dine at a local restaurant.

Malaysia travel costs


Beer is cheapest in the local supermarket (a can of beer will set you back about $1.70) and usually sold in 6, 12 or 24 packs. Drinks in bars and meals in restaurants will be considerably more expensive.


Meals at food stalls are perfect for those on a budget, costing between $1-2. Mid-range restaurant meals will cost between $6-16.

Taxi Ride

Taxis are metered with fares based on a flag down rate and by distance travelled. Surcharges are common from the airport and inner city areas. Alternatively, you can use the popular taxi service called ‘Grab’ (like Uber).



Public transport is cheap in Malaysia. Long distance buses will usually cost under $35.



A dorm bed in a hostel costs between $4-20 a night.



Air-con double rooms with a bathroom in a mid-range hotel will cost between $20 and $35 a night.

FAQ - Travel in Malaysia

When is the best time to travel to Malaysia?

Malaysia has a tropical climate and weather all year round. However, the sea can be rough during monsoon season between October and March (East Coast of Peninsula Malaysia). Established beach resorts continue to operate during this season but smaller chalets on the islands may be closed.

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