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Legendary highways, bustling cities, national parks, surf-strewn coastal roads and tumbleweed deserts - with 50 states to choose from, travelling the USA is one supersized adventure. Explore the sun-kissed West Coast or learn about America's political history on the East. Check out our USA Travel Guide for tips on when to go, what to do and how to get there.

Rhythm of the Streets: Our interactive USA video series

Last year we sent UK band Skinny Living to Oahu, New Orleans and Austin in search of surf, sounds and soul. Watch our groundbreaking interactive video series, The Rhythm of the Streets to see what they got up to... and inspire yourself to retrace the rhythm!
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Top Cities in the USA

From the bright lights of Vegas to the buzzing streets of New York - you'll find some of the world's most famous cities in the USA. Spot scenes from your favourite movie in LA, New York, Vegas and more.

New York


Los Angeles


San Francisco



USA Fast Facts

Languages Spoken

82% of the population speak English.

The remaining speak Spanish, other Indo-European languages, Asian, Pacific Island languages and other.


Name: Dollar
Code: USD
Symbol: $

Time Zones

Eastern Standard time (GMT - 5)
Central time (GMT - 6)
Mountain Time (GMT - 7)
Pacific Time (GMT - 8)
Hawaiian Time (GMT – 10)
Alaskan Time (GMT – 9)

USA Fast Facts


In a New York bar, you'll spend between $5-$8 USD on a bottle of beer whilst in other cities it could be around $3.50 USD.

*Remember that you need to be 21 to drink in the USA.


Lunch from a cheap café or food truck can be between $5 USD and $9 USD, whilst dinner in a restaurant would be nearer $25 USD to $60 USD per person.

Taxi Ride

Taxis are expensive in the States, with most city cabs running on meters. Budget travellers should use cheaper buses or subway transport.



Travel on buses and subways will cost between $2-$3 USD. Car hire is available from $30 USD a day and we have campervans from $40 USD!



Dorm beds in hostels cost between $25 USD and $40 USD. Budget motels would be around $60 USD to $80 USD for a double.



A double room in a 3 star hotel can be between $100 USD and $250 USD.

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Welcome to the USA | STA Travel

Last summer, STA Travel and Visit The USA sent three super talented filmmakers to three different regions of the USA. Check out Texas, New York State and the Pacific Northwest below and get inspired for your next American adventure!

USA Highlights







Visit Nevada





USA Road Trips

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USA Bus Adventures

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USA Rail Travel

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best of the usa
Southern Adventure
Make your way through 11 of the USA’s southern states on this adventure ride. From heli-rides across the vistas of the Grand Canyon to the bright lights of Vegas, this is the stunning south at its best.
13 Days from $3,085
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la to the bay
LA to the Bay
Start off in San Francisco and travel through three states and two national parks to get to LA. See the bright lights of Vegas, hike in the Grand Canyon and relax in the hipster cafes of San Francisco.
11 days from $2,745
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Boot Scoot & Blues
Take a venture to the deep south for 12 days of mouthwatering eats, bright lights, and music filled late nights. This trip will see you shimmying around the sights and delights of New Orleans, Nashville, Memphis and Austin to name just a few.
12 days | From $2,995
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Do I need a visa for the USA?

Visas requirements for entry to the USA are subject to frequent change. Currently British citizens can enter the USA without a visa for stays of 90 days of fewer, so long as they apply for the Visa Waiver Program (from ESTA). All travellers should check current visa and passport regulations before coming to the USA, and allow plenty of time to acquire the correct documentation.

How can I work in America?

Students and young people can apply for a work abroad program for over the summer months. Pick from Summer Camps USA or our Work America programme, and spend your summer working in the States. Through our programmes, you’ll get help obtaining your four-month work permit (the J-1 visa) for various seasonal jobs in the USA, or work with kids at a Summer Camp for 6-8 weeks. Visit our Work in the USA page for more info.
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