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Full of old-world charm and vibrant colour, Vietnam is the heart of Indochina, where Chinese culture clashes with the Southeast Asian tropics. With towering rice terraces and karst mountains, awesome beaches and caves, spell binding cities and towns, tantalizing food and a heavy history, there's no end to the diversity Vietnam offers travelers. 

We can issue you only one warning: one visit never seems enough to see it all. So pull on a helmet, hop on your motorbike and speed down the Ho Chi Minh Trail - you're in for one hell of a ride!

Vietnam Fast Facts


Languages Spoken

The official language of Vietnam is Vietnamese. English is widely spoken by people who work in large cities such as Hanoi and in the travel industry.



Vietnamese dong (VND). $1 = 17,312 VND (that's 60 cent for 10,000 VND!) 


Time Zones

Indochina Time Zone - UTC + 07:00

Top Places to visit in Vietnam




Ho Chi MInh City


Sapa & Northern Vietnam


Hoi An

How much does it cost to travel Vietnam?


A bottle of local beer from a bar or restaurant should cost you under 30,000 VND ($1.70). Head to Hanoi's bustling Bia Hoi stalls, where a pint of locally brewed stuff can cost as little as 20 cent. Yes - 20 cent! 


A meal from a cheap restaurant or café will normally set you back about $3 or $4, whilst a dinner in a mid-range restaurant might cost between $10-$15. If you're on a budget, be adventurous and grab lunch from a street food stall for a lot less.

Taxi Ride

A half-hour taxi ride will cost you under $10 - the same amount as for a scooter per day, for the free spirited.



Coaches from one city to the next are usually $30 or under - they're comfy and many have beds and TV. The biggest transport expense you'll find yourself paying in Vietnam will probably be a boat trip around Ha Long Bay. These cruises can cost anywhere between $100 and $250 depending on the grade of boat. Make sure you haggle!



A dorm bed in a hostel will cost between $6 and $12, whereas a single room can range up to $20 per night. Doubles are upwards of $30 a night.



A room in a midrange hotel would be somewhere between $40 and $60, but there are some amazing family-run guest houses where you can find a double room for the same price as a hostel, if not less!


Vietnam travel highlights






Ha Long Bay

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bike the

Hai Van Pass

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The Mekong Delta

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Vietnam adventure tours

Vietnam on a Shoestring | 12 days
An affordable tour of the best of Vietnam, this journey takes you from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi via Nha Trang's beaches and nightlife, charming UNESCO site Hoi An, historical Hue and jaw-dropping Ha Long Bay. 
Vietnam experience Ha Long bay
Best of Vietnam
From the intensity of Ho Chi Minh City's streets to spectacular rice terraces, travel the length of Vietnam and savour its natural, cultural, and historical delights. Meet the Hmong people and other minority villagers on a hilltribe excursion and sail into the photographic possibilities of beautiful Halong Bay.
Vietnam adventure tour
Explore Vietnam
With golden temples, jade green waters, yellow rice paddy fields & coloured silks, Vietnam is an explosion of colour. This is truly a country where East meets West & this tour is the ultimate way to experience it.

Create your INDIvidual adventure

Whether you’re looking for an epic month-long trip to Vietnam, or just a short 10-dayer, you can design your own trip with INDI tailor made. You choose the locations, the dates, the budgets and anything else you want – our Travel Experts are there to help you in whichever way you choose.
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What's the best way of getting around Vietnam?

Since Vietnam is so long and thin, it's best to start in the northernmost city Hanoi (near China), or the southernmost city of Ho Chi Minh (near Cambodia and the Mekong Delta) and work your way up or down. 

Highway 1 runs the length of the country, so air-conditioned coaches (usually costing under $50 even for journeys of up to 20 hours) are your best bet - alongside our adventure tours. You could also hop on the train, which covers all major cities, and we can even help you book domestic flights if you're super short on time and want to cover long distances in an hour. 

Do I need a visa to travel Vietnam?

If you're an Australian citizen looking to travel to Vietnam, you'll need a visa. These are easily obtainable on arrival into the country - you just need to submit an application at before you go, allowing plenty of time for it to be processed. You'll then be allowed to travel in and out of Vietnam for a maximum of 30 days. You can talk to one of our Travel Experts for more help or information.

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