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Trek Mount Kilimanjaro

Stand on the roof of Africa - literally! We offer three different soul-stirring treks up Mt. Kilimanjaro (each varying in difficulty) that'll have you on the natural high of your life.

Come back from Africa with a story of awesome adventure and titantic effort, by hiking up Africa's highest mountain...and it won't cost you a mountain (pun intended!) to get there.

Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro hiking treks

Route Details                    


7 days

This is the easiest route to the summit. Affectionately known as the Coca-Cola Route, Marangu takes you at a gentle pace through forests, moorlands and then across The Saddle, a high-altitude desert to Kibo Hut. From here, an early start is made to Uhuru Peak. The path zigzags up frozen scree, where the view from Gillman’s point can be spectacular. Uhuru Peak lies a further 1hour 30 minutes around the rim. 


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8 days


This remote route is the second easiest up Kili. The approach is from the less-forested north side and descends via the popular Marangu route. Its gentle approach has a high success rate due to the slow ascent. Enjoy the spectacular views over the Amboseli Plains and camp beside the only lake on the mountain.


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8 days


This popular route, also known as the Whiskey Route, leads you through magnificent forests to the Shira Plateau. It then traverses beneath the glaciated precipices of the Southern Icefields to join the Barafu Route to the summit.


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