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Work, Learn and Volunteer

Volunteering for Groups

Interested in getting your group involved in a work, learn and volunteer programme? We have an array of different options for travel the whole world over. Plus we offer information on visas, safety tips, travel insurance and discount cards. So travel somewhere exciting. Learn something real. Get face to face with the world!

rewarding experiences across the world

Combine work and travel for the ultimate overseas adventure; your very own working holiday abroad. We have plenty of work overseas programs to get your groups immersed in a different culture while they travel. Whether your groups are after a cultural escape, a special experience helping children, an adrenalin rush or something in between, we've got a great selection of worldwide options to suit every kind of traveller. Our specialist team are here to help with the details too, insurance, visas, destination advice and more.

Experience the world first hand

Make that connection on your next trip with a volunteer tour! If you'd like to make an impact by giving back to a community or natural environment you care about, then we can help you get to where you're needed! Teaching children early education in Africa, building schools and making infastructure improvements in Asia or saving endangered animals in Central and South America. Get inspired to travel and give something back. Our exclusive tours will get your there and set you up anywhere in the world you'd like to be. Contact us today and discuss the options with our committed team.