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Worldwide volunteering projects

At STA Travel, we've always believed in giving something back - it's at the heart of what we do. We offer a range of volunteering projects all over the world, and are authentic, sustainable and responsible. We only work with a select number of partners who build meaningful relationships with local communities, whilst ensuring that we fulfill our travellers' desires to make a difference. Deciding which volunteering project is best for you depends on what kind of work you want to do and where you want to do it. T&C's apply.

Where to Volunteer

This is the really fun part...We have projects that span the globe - from the wilds of Africa to the palm fringed beaches of the Pacific. Combine your passion for working with children with some temple gazing in Asia; mix a project preserving the fragile African eco-system with a safari to spot the 'Big Five'; or spend your weekends chilling by the ocean in Mexico, Costa Rica or more...

What type of volunteering do you want to do?

  • types of volunteeringWork with animals
    With so many endangered species around the world fighting for our survival, work towards their protection on one of our animal projects.
  • types of volunteeringWork with children
    Help to break the cycle of poverty by teaching local children the skills they need for a better future. This type of project is also perfect for gaining experience working with kids.
  • types of volunteeringWork with communities
    Work in some of the world's most remote areas to improve the quality of life for local communities, helping to build a more sustainable future.
  • types of volunteeringWork in conservation
    Help local communities to preserve their fragile ecosystems, contributing to the long-term education of the environments we all enjoy as travellers.
  • types of volunteeringTeach sports
    Sport has the power to cross all linguistic and cultural barriers. Use your enthusiasm to develop vital teamwork skills, boost confidence, and put a great big smile on the kids' faces as well as yours.
  • types of volunteeringDo it all
    Combine all the different ways to volunteer in one project - working with children, protecting local wildlife and helping the local community.

Featured volunteering projects

Here are a pick of our favourite volunteering projects, so you that you can work out what sort of experience you want to have.


Construction projects

From $1,382*

With many areas still feeling the effects of the 2015 Nepal earthquake, join other volunteers at the foot of the Himalayas to construct new desks, renovate classrooms and libraries, or bathrooms at local schools in and around Pokhara. This valuable construction work is requested by local educational institutions to improve the health and safety, and effectiveness of these learning environments.

Duration: 1 - 2 weeks


Animal Volunteering

From $1,332*

Work closely with locals and other international volunteers, helping to feed, clean and document animal behaviours, be it owls,raccoons, eagles, rabbits or bears. You may also help improve the environment through restoring hiking trails, uprooting invasive plant species and clearing wilderness areas. Placements availalbe year round across the country.

Duration: 2-12 weeks

Chiang Mai

Thai Elephant Conservation

From $799*

Set in a valley surrounded by forested mountains, this project offers a peaceful home for more than 30 neglected and previously abused elephants. You'll play an essential role in caring for endangered elephants. Day to day, you'll assist veterinary inspections, feed these majestic grey giants and learn about their interaction.

Duration: 1-2 weeks


Help Local Communities

From $1,613*

They say it’s more fun in the Philippines and that’s certainly true at the GK Enchanted Farm! On this unique project that aims to eradicate poverty in the Philippines by 2024 you can help support budding entrepreneurs and their villages through teaching, building, farming, cooking and even football coaching. Our first volunteer loved it so much that she’s still there!

Duration: 10 days

Costa Rica

Turtle Conservation

From $623*

Help save the tortugas (that's Spanish for turle, you know) on the beautifual Playa Montezuma in Costa Rica. You'll be doing vital work patrolling the beach to stop egg poachers, monitoring nests and collecting data. Best of all, you might get to see the baby turtles hatch and release them into the ocean - go little tortugas, go!

Duration: 1-8 weeks

Cape Town

Help Children in Cape Town

From $1,119*

Fancy spending your days telling stories, playing games and caring for the kids? Then this is the project for you! You’ll be supporting some really under-resourced centres with children from brand new to age 7 by co-ordinating activities, helping with feeding and nap time, general housework and of course lots of cuddles!

Duration: 10 - 52 days


Conservation Experience

From $1,798*

Experience one of our best selling projects and get a chance to capture the 'Big Five' on camera! Also your chance to help protect this amazing habitat for these animals by helping with research, monitoring, and rehabilitation. Feel like a real ranger doing wildlife tracking and work to raise environmental awareness in the local community.

Duration: 2-12 weeks


Community Development

From $1,092*

Get your feel-goods in paradise on one of our Fijian island projects. The project's main aims are to improve local living conditions, nutrition and access to drinking water. No two days will be the same as you will get involved with everything from constructing and repairing water harvesting systems to assisting with agricultural initiatives.

Duration: 2-12 weeks

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*Terms and Conditions

Prices are per person in twin share or multi-share accommodation and is subject to availability and season of travel. Prices do not include meals, flights or internal transfers to the start location unless otherwise specified. Blackout, travel date restrictions and set departure dates may apply. Visa and placement eligibility requirements apply and are subject to age restrictions and physical health requirements. Some volunteer projects may also require additional national police and working with children checks due to the nature of placements.  Additional terms and conditions apply. Ask instore for details.