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Volunteer, work & learn abroad with our programs

We love nothing more than getting to know a new country and learning new languages and about local traditions, that's why working overseas on a working holiday visa is a great way to travel. We have hundreds of opportunities for you to work and volunteer overseas on your Gap Year, career break or sabbatical.

Swap winter for summer and head to camp - score $150 off your Summer Camp USA placement in 2020. Available in store only - book by 31 January 2020.

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Working holiday in the UK
Head over to Blighty and live like a Brit with our Work Britain Packages. We’ll help you secure work throughout the UK, with fun filled arrival orientations available in London and Manchester. We can also take the stress out of the working holiday visa applications, too!


Working holiday in the USA
Live the American Dream - with our USA Summer Camps, internships and work placements you can live the US lifestyle, really get to know the traditions and boost your CV at the same time.
Working holiday in Canada
The Work Canada Job Fair option puts you face to face with a variety of Canada’s top ski resorts so you can secure a job before you even leave Australia! In fact we're so confident that if you don't get a job at the fair, we’ll give you your money back! Before you know it you'll be hitting the ground running in Canada (just be careful 'cause it's slippery in winter).
Working holiday in Japan
Immerse yourself in a world of stunning mountain vistas, amazing cultural experiences, tasty food, and with Work Japan Winter Jobs program - some of the world's best snow. Tee up your job before you leave and work with some of Japan's best winter employers. Jobs are limited, so don't put off your application! Applications now open for 2018/19 Programs! 

Volunteering and learning with STA Travel

Responsible travel has been with STA Travel in various shapes and forms since our pioneering days. By funding a number of projects through the STA Travel Foundation we are really making a difference to the local communities we've gotten to know over the years. From working with animals in Asia, or conservation in Latin America and teaching English across the globe, to personal goals like learning a skill or language in another country - we've got loads of options to make your travel experience out of the ordinary!


Volunteer work overseas

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Teach English overseas

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Learn a language overseas

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Learn a skill overseas

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Why Work Overseas?

Why not? Jobs will vary depending on where in the world you end up, but working in a different culture and environment is always going to be exciting. Working overseas allows you to experience a country as a local, not just seeing the tourist sites but living the culture. Earn money to fund your travels, making your trip last even longer! Not only that, but working overseas looks great on your CV and gives you something to talk about in those job interviews back at home.

Where can I work overseas?

Although our most popular work abroad destinations are USA, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, you can work in pretty much any country in the world providing you have the correct Visa and documentation. Book an appointment with an STA Travel expert today to discuss where you’d like to go and what work you’d be interested in doing and we’ll hook you up!

Can I work overseas without a degree?

Of course! There are plenty of opportunities for those travelling without a degree, bar work in Britain, fruit picking in New Zealand and summer camps in America. Teaching overseas in some countries requires you to hold a degree in order to obtain a valid Visa. However, for the majority of unskilled, non-professional work around the world, all that’s needed is an appropriate working Visa.
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